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What’s in a Face? An Introduction to my Journey Through The Aggravation of Creating Portraits

Everyone’s doing it – painting, drawing, embroidering portraits. Cute little stylized faces, hyper realistic portraits, something in between. What is so fascinating about faces? And faces can take a really long time, what makes someone want to spend all that time with a stranger’s face? And, when you try to draw someone you know or love, likeness becomes really important – and oh! the disappointment when you totally f- them up! Why put yourself through that anxiety?

I’ve tried many styles of portraiture – mostly as a bandwagon thing – but I also find it a challenge, like a really complex puzzle – putting it together can be very frustrating, but when you get it right, and the puzzle is done – it’s really really satisfying. Of course, when there’s a piece missing, and it’s a total fail, that’s not so satisfying, and that’s the case more often, for me anyway, with my portraits. But, I plug away, stubbornly.

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