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Medal, Please

No no, silly, no medal for blogging.  Blogging these days is an epic fail for me.  But, once again, I have changed my WordPress theme, throwing consistency and half-hearted branding to the wind, and just creating a new pretty “box” to put my stories in.

But, I do deserve a medal, gold if I do say so myself, for my champion performance in the 2016 Ravellenic Games.  This project took patience, feats of courage, and endurance.  It took stretching myself, and my basic crochet skills to a new level.  It took a teeny tiny crochet hook, and fingering yarn.  It took hours in front of the t.v., crocheting African Flower motif after African Flower Motif.  It took ripping, and recrocheting, and ripping again, as I painstakingly learned how to crochet as you go. Ah, the drama, my friends of the Heidi Bears hippo!  From this:

To this:

How cute is she? She’s so squishy and cuddly and fun!  I really should give her to a child, but I’m not going to – I’m keeping her.  Right now, I have her in Joe’s man cave, the only consistently airconditioned room in our stone, kiln-like house where we’ve been huddling in it like a walk in freezer in the middle of a humid, hot rain forest.  But, I can see him eyeing her up, worried that she may end up with a menagerie of African Flower friends.  So, once it cools down here in tropical Philly, she’ll be moving into her permanent home in the craftroom room.  And, she may just find herself with some friends too! And, speaking of friends, my friend Knitty D is also undertaking an Olympic marathon event, the knitted version of the hippo pattern.  This version, my friends, is definitely a labor of love – between the crocheted cast on, the picking up stitches, and the puzzle piece construction, its definitely an exercise in concentration.

On the reading front, I also completed an Herculean read – A Little Life, by Hana Yanagihara.  I’m not even going to post a photo of the book cover, because it’s too disturbing for my pleasant hippo post.  I was somewhat moved by this book, it definitely had its kick in the gut moments, but I didn’t have the full emotional experience that others had.  I can’t really get into why without revealing too much of the story, but let me just say this – this book, at its heart, is supposed to be about true friendship, and no one, at the end of the day, was really a very good friend.  I also read Noah Hawley’s Before the Fall, which was a good read, and Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes, a reliably good cat/mouse detective novel.  Today, I downloaded Richard Price’s The Whites, which I’ll probably start tonight.  Love Richard Price!  And you can catch a cameo of him on HBO’s miniseries The Night Of, which he co-wrote.

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