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Bring on 2016! My Planner System is Ready to Go!


Hello my friends! It’s been awhile, I know, but I’ve just been prepping for back to back trials since the end of October.   Two ended up pleading, and one went to trial.   I have one more to go in January, and then it’ll be easy peasy sailing for awhile.

I’ve been a total knitting machine, finishing up the Stephen West KAL (uch – why???? gifted to my MIL), finishing up Water (gifted to my mother), a few other holiday gifts, and a sweater I started awhile back for me.  Joe broke is foot back in September, and we’ve really become sedentary t.v. junkies.  Hopefully, in January, he’ll be cleared for regular duty work (he’s on light duty now), and the treadmill, and we’ll be able to peel ourselves away from the time suck t.v.  I intended to do a few top ten end of the year posts – movies, t.v., etc., but I didn’t – so here are my Bests of the Year (I am totally off the cuff rambling – I had intended to just post about my new planner – and I’m totally flying stream of consciousness here)

  • Best Movie – Spotlight
  • Most Fun Movie – Star Wars the Force Awakens
  • Most Sentimental Comeback Movie – Creed
  • Best T.V. Show – Fargo
  • Best Farewell to a TV Show – Madmen – not the whole season but there were fine moments
  • Best Book – The Nightingale
  • Favorite Knitting Project – Earth
  • Favorite App – Flipboard

And that’s about all I can think of right now.  So, what about that planner?

Last year, I made my own Midori Traveler’s Notebook, a Wendori just for me.  I found a leather company online that kind of giggled about how little leather I wanted to order, followed a few tutorials, and viola!  I made my own inserts, and it was really the “vessel” for all of my penpaling.  And then – disaster struck – I lost it.  I’m a clumsy person, I break things, but it really isn’t my nature to actually lose things – and the few things I have lost, I haven’t lost forever.  For instance, I accidentally threw Joe’s high school ring in the ocean – and a year later, someone found it, and returned it to his parents who live at the beach.  I really really expected the planner to find it’s way back to me.  And, while I waited, I didn’t get a new planner, and I didn’t write any letters – because all of the letters I had to answer were in the Wendori, as well as all of my addresses.  True, I easily could have rebuilt my address book, and started with fresh letters, but again, I was convinced, any day, the planner, which contained my business cards, would be returned.

And it wasn’t.   And I stopped writing letters.  And, I didn’t get a new planner.

Until now.  I thought about making my own again, but I didn’t have anything to tell my mother-in-law to get me for Hanukkah, so I went shopping on Etsy, and found this really inexpensive fauxdori on Etsy from a Japanese seller – normally, I would just say no because of the postage, but the cover was on sale for $15, and it came with five premade booklet inserts, a craft file, a clip, and a bookmark.  So, the postage was more than made up for in the price and the extras.  And, I have to say – it’s awesome!  The leather is really soft,   It has a nice leather thing that holds my pen, and it also came with extra elastics.


The cover looks a little scratched up, but that’s because the leather is so soft!  It’s definitely developing character right out of the box.


So, right now, I have three inserts, and this felt card holder, that also came from Dokipaper.  Unlike my Wendori, in which I printed and bound all of the inserts myself,  the only insert I made this time is the calendar –

planner5The PDF for the calendar is from BohoCottage.  The blocks are a tad small, but the next page which I didn’t photograph is a week on two pages, and there’s a week on two page spread for each week of the month.   I could have gone for something a little boxier, with more room, but I wanted it to be pretty.  For the cover, I just took one of the stapled premade inserts that came with the leather cover apart, and sewed that cover onto the pages – which was nice, because I could trim the pages to the craft cover with confidence that they would be exactly the right size.

Next, I have a bullet journal.  As you can see, I’ve decorated the craft file folder (which also came with original package from Dokipaper) and taped a photo on the cover.  But, let’s be clear, Bullet Journaling is nothing more complicated than a day by day to do list.  That’s it.  With that said, it’s kind of amazing that I got sucked down the internet rabbit hole of bullet journaling – pinterest, youtube, Facebook.  Which then lead to down the path to planner creation, decoration, etc, looking at one Erin Condren, Happy Planner, whatever, after another.  At the end of it, I came to the conclusion that more decorating does not equate to more planning, and it’s more time consuming, and more work, to have stickers, sticky tabs, washi tape, whatnots, whatever than to just make a good ol’ list with whatever pen I have on hand.  I get that it’s fun to decorate your planner, but honestly, I can only decorate so many things – and I’ve committed myself (at least in my head), to get the Project Life going again next year.  Also, I can’t pull out a washi’d up planner in court.  I’m already regretting the stickered up craft folder, even though it does label what’s in the folder – ephemera for the newly reborn pocket scrap project.



So, here’s my bare bones bullet journal.  As you can see, I have dated to do lists.  When I complete a task, I check the box.  When I decide to move a task to another day, I draw an arrow through the box.  When an item sits, I leave the box blank, and at the end of the month I’ll decide whether they’re really still “to do” and then move then to the next month. or I’ll cross them off.  The page before this list is an index, the facing page, is a “collection” – a list that’s not a to do list – but has a theme.  So far, in my bullet journal, I have “Sentencings,” “Where are the Addi’s” to keep track of where my interchangeable knitting needles are, “Things to Sew in 2016,” “House Projects” and “Waiting on” which is an itemization of things I’m waiting on – things that are supposed to come in the mail, things people are supposed to hand in to me at work, things I’m waiting on in my cases, etc.  And that’s it.  Easy peasy.  If it’s a daily to do, it goes on a list, if it’s a random thought, idea, whatever, I create a collection.  The collections are logged in the index so I can easily find them, and that’s it.  Would I like it to look spiffier?  Maybe, I don’t know.  I really don’t think so.  I think this works, and that’s it.

And then I have my morning pages insert –


The morning pages booklet is just a lined booklet that came with the cover.  I really find the practice of free writing in the morning so helpful in so many ways.  Scattered thoughts find their way together.  I find myself remembering words that I don’t use when I speak, but always used when I wrote – words that remind me that choosing the right word is so much more rewarding that using the same lazy words over and over again – see, redundant popped into my head right away – such a better word than over and over.

So, that’s my system going into 2016.  Good luck with your own system, or no system, or whatever 2016 brings!

Happy New Year everyone!

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