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My Mini-Me

Well, she took more than a weekend, but she’s done!

I managed to paint her face – with only one or two paintovers of the eyes.  I started with arcylic paints, and then I switched to pastel pencils.  The pastels didn’t blend as well as I thought they would, and, if I make another one, I think I’ll use oil pastels with a bit of water.  The next time I’ll probably make a stencil for the eyes, too, and maybe I’ll manage to get them to look symmetrical.  Processed with Snapseed.

And here she lay for a few days while I contemplated what she was going to wear.

Processed with Snapseed.

The woman who wrote the pattern, Anya Balybina, translated two parts of her Russian language only class  into the patterns I bought, but she hasn’t yet (or may never, I don’t know) translated the parts about clothing the doll and attaching hair.  By the way, if you’re ever looking for doll tutorials, and don’t mind some awkward google translation (or if you understand Russian), this site, I think it’s called Livemaster, I’m not even sure if that’s what it’s called or that’s the closest translation,  but it has tons of tutorials you can plop into google translate.  The Russians are huge into crafting dolls.

But, googling along to Russia aside, I was left to my own devices for the finishing up.  I decided to do what I know best, and knit.  I downloaded a bunch of vintage knit Barbie clothes patterns from Etsy for a buck a piece, changed the gauge, and adjusted here and there and voila!


Well, that’s not voila! yet.  That mess above was the crazy construction necessary to be able to get the sweater onto Barbie – the back needs to be snapped shut in order to get the clothes on and off. If I make another someday, I’ll definitely knit in the round, because I can always sew the head on after, like I did with this one.

Here’s the real voila!


How cute is that sweater!!!  Man I hate knitting stripes though – all of those ends to weave in – sheesh!  All of that work for a doll that’s just going to sit in my craftroom.  But, the fun is in these little details, so it’s all good.

Time to sew on the head! Oh, and maybe she needs some pants.  For the pants, I just cut off a leg of one of my old jeans, traced around the doll right onto the back of the jeans, sewed up the seams, and cut it out.  Another, Voila! Jeans.



For hair, I used some roving that I had leftover from a needle felting kit I never finished – I just poked it onto her head.


And now she can take her place among the other dolls of the craft room!



And altogether now!


Her clothes are definitely my best effort so far – it definitely helps to work in your comfort zone. Although – it may be too close to my comfort zone – Joe says I made a mini-me.  I can see his point – my blond hair is gone, and I’m back to the dark brown, and she is wearing a handknit sweater and jeans, my fall/winter uniform.  But, that wasn’t my intent.

So, now I’m feeling like clay.  But, it’s really hot again, and I don’t know if I have the patience for it – I think that’ll wait until fall – real fall, not this faux fall with 98 degree heat.  I really want to take these classes by Adele Po, but that’s not in my budget at the moment.  Maybe my holiday present to me!  I do want to continue to paint heads, so this weekend I might just sew up a bunch of heads, and the ones I like will get a body – doll eugenics!  I think it’s an acceptable method of survival of the fittest in this case at least.  Not quite natural selection, but I’m the creator, so I’m good with it.

Have a great weekend!  Next time, I’ll show you the great bead fail!

Basic CMYK

Well, Hello Dolly

Spinning the creativity wheel this weekend – whirl! – all signs point to . . . dolls! In my cycle of painting and knitting and crocheting and jewelry making and whatever crafty thing crosses my path – this weekend I’ve landed on the doll square of the crafty board. At first, I was all internetting about cloth and clay dolls – again – but I found this cloth pattern on Etsy by Anna Balybina, and I liked it, and said to myself, that’s my project this weekend. I never did finish my Danita Art cloth doll – I started stuffing my body, and the neck was so infuriating – no matter how much stuffing I added, it remained floppy and crinkly. Aargh. So, I put it away, thinking oh, for tomorrow – but, tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow – never came for that doll. I guess it still could, I don’t know. But in any event, I’ve birthed a new doll –


The sewing is similar to the Tilda doll, but it’s much smaller, and the shape is different. It’s been so long since I pulled out my sewing machine, that I contemplated for about 2 seconds the notion of sewing it by hand . . . um, no. And, my worry was for nothing – I can still work ye ol’ sewing machine. And, in fact, since it was already threaded, it fired right up, the bobbin didn’t jam once, easy peasy!

I started stuffing, but then decided, tomorrow is another day. Huh, that didn’t work out so well for the Danita doll, but this one . . . it’s gonna happen.  So much so that I spent a little bit of my morning practicing faces – I’m a little worried about moving to fabric, but I can always cut and sew another one . . . and another – practice practice!

And that’s what I have on deck this weekend!  Hopefully, I’ll have a finished dolly to show you on Monday.  Have a great long weekend!

Basic CMYK

Cloth and Clay Doll done!

And, here’s where we left poor Dolly – stuck in a bottle while I fought with the Gunnislake Pullover.

Since she was still hanging out in the bottle, I did clean her eyes up a bit, although there’s no getting around the fact that one eye is more smooshy than the other eye. But, no matter – no one’s face is perfect, right? Well, some faces are perfect, and I guess if you’re fabricating a face, it could be perfect, but this face, it’s not perfect.

But, she’s presentable enough that she deserves some limbs:

I had some trouble sewing the arms on because I really didn’t leave very much fabric around the arm area when I was putting down my first layer of clay.  Can’t sew into clay, that I found out.  But, I was able to get them attached, and I moved on to clothing the poor thing.

I took a little dive into the box of novelty/vintage/costumey fabric that I bought when I went through my crazy quilt phase (which, if you hadn’t noticed is so over), and emerged with a gauzy embroidered piece, and a scrap of velvet that was already cut into a semi-circle, perfect for a skirt.  For the shirt, I just traced around her to get the placement of the armholes, left a wide opening to get either her head or limbs through, and then gathered the collar with silk ribbon.

And, here she is – hanging out with the rest of the girls.

She does look so prim and proper,eh?  I’m thinking I might paint some boots on her, although I’m also thinking I’m pretty done with her.

And for my next attempt – I’m going a little smaller I think. I got my Poppet tutorial Ebook – so I think I’m going to go with this kind of body –


But, I’ll probably go my own way with the face – I’ve found that it is impossible for me to duplicate someone’s work – as you may have noticed when I scrapped the original face off of this doll when I tried to recreate Gritty Jane’s folk art doll.  But, we’ll see.  I’m definitely going to make more of an effort to get the eyes the same shape and size before I give up in frustration again.  And, I’m still totally jonesing to take Danita’s art doll class, but I just can’t justify the cost right now -maybe after I get some holiday cash in December.  We’ll see.

Basic CMYK