Weekend Endeavors

Very productive weekend here at 1639!

First, after months of hounding me to make a bird (can you believe it – my husband was actually nagging me to do a craft!), I finally made a bird to go in our birdcage.


Well, back in the day, when I had first bought the house, and I was trying to think of clever ways to decorate it, inspired by a display I saw at Anthropology, I bought a bunch of bird cages from ebay, thinking I would put plants in them.  Unfortunately, the openings were so small on the cages, I could never figure out how to get the plant in. I threw most of the cages out, but I kept this one, because it was the nicest.

And now, it is home to a little fabric bird!


Because of the blobs on the fabric, he kind of has eyes, strange eyes, but eyes, and kind of a mouth, totally unplanned:

He was pretty easy to make.  The pattern is here, which is free, but Spool is also having a class this fall on how to make them, here.  I don’t think you really need a class, but the pieces are curved, and if your nervous about sewing curves, I guess the class is worth it.  I just sewed slowly, and it went ok.  At Quilt Odyssey, I got trapped for about fifiteen minutes by this guy selling a sewing foot for curves.  Very neat, but I had enough projects on my plate at that point – free motion quilting supplies, hexagons, and the feed sack squares. Maybe next year.

So, here’s the little guy in his new home –

Much easier to maintain than a real bird – although I’m sure Lemon would like a friend.  Too bad.

And then, after my bird obligation was complete, I spent some time with my Full Tilt Boogie Journal:

Here, I did some real journaling over a vintage thank you note – I blurred it because its just stupid stuff.  Then, on the next page, I practiced some water coloring -Mr. Blue Bird.  And the bottom thing, is a piece of an old letter than was in one of my ephemera pack, and if you can’t read it, it says:

“With one on the couch, one on the floor, a third in the kitchen, and a msall one raising hell on the piano, a dog at her feet while a tiger sleeps in the Easter basket, yes, your home is truely a happy one.  Granny White just rang the bell for dinner, so that’s al for now.”

I just liked it, and thought it worked with the little illustration of the family.

And, here’s my first whimsy girl, and some journaling/collaging on the next page.

And, another whimsy girl I did last night:

I call this one Candyland.  

So, that’s it for the crafties for the weekend.  Well, that’s it for posting about them, anyway.  I”ll probably work on the hexies during the Phillies game.

Go Phils.

Happy Sunday!



  1. Cille August 21, 2011

    You make beautiful collages! And birds too šŸ™‚

  2. Toni August 23, 2011

    Wendy, that bird is so cute! I love that idea. Plants would be cool, too, but I'd kill those. Fabulous birdhouse as well!


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