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I don’t know if you noticed, but I learned, oh, only two of the 21 Secrets, remember, that art journaling workshop that started ages ago? There’s still plenty of time to catch up on the other 19, but I popped in on a few other classes, and well, it just wasn’t for me.  The only class I really liked was Tamara Laporte’s Collage, Art and Soul.  So, after taking that class, I joined her ning community – Willowing – and watched from the sidelines.  Owls ended this week, and I decided to jump on the Whimsy Wagon, and expand my whimsical repetoire beyond the cutey patootie owl. Originally, all of Tam’s old classes were only available on DVD – and, I don’t know, if I can’t download it, I kind of shrug my shoulders – I’m so spoiled.  So, when she made all over her old classes available as online downloads, snap!  Now, I can just cuddle up with my iPad, and watch her indepth, lengthy, tip filled videos.

I started watching on my lunch hour – and I doodled while I watched:

And when I got home, I pulled out my Full Tilt Boogie book, and painted along to Tam’s sing songie voice.


Not a bad first try, eh?


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  1. MarieElizabeth August 21, 2011

    I love your one photo idea – very interesting. I like that this one is technically perfect. It seems to show how most of us feel early in the morning, especially on a rainy day. Great shot, glad you posted it.


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