The Sketchbook Revival – Day One – 1 Liners

Happy Sketchbookery my friends! I am so happy to be doing the Sketchbook Revival again – a festival of all things creative, and sketchy, and fun and free. Today’s lesson was from Carla Sonheim, who I mentioned in my last post. Last year, we drew lions. This year, we played with one liner drawings, and developed them into sketchy characters. Totally stress free, totally freeing.

Doing this exercise was kind of a call and response drawing – Carla called out a prompt, we drew the prompt, not lifting our pens, and this went on for about three minutes. Our prompts were cat, vase of flowers, elephant and toilet.

I could not for the life of me remember what our toilet looks like – crazy right? The things you see everyday, and yet don’t really see.

So, here are my little drawings:

Cats and vases:

Elephants and Toilets:

And my final little sketches:

Have I mentioned I don’t really love cats? I’m definitely a dog person. I think that’s why my cat is like whatever. My elephant kind of looks like Jay Leno – he’s got a chin thing going on.

Anyway, these little sketches are lots of fun, and its good to exercise that imagination bone. As I’ve mentioned, I’m worried about that part of my brain – I haven’t done enough stretching lately. If you worry too much, or hold your pencil too tight, or try to be too precise with your lines, or you really don’t want to give into the freedom of not lifting your pen, these exercises can be just as tiring as riding a bike, or running up stairs, and you don’t want them to be that way. Give it a go, don’t work up a sweat, and have some fun in your sketchbook.

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