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Lots O’ Wine


So maybe I drank a bottle of wine tonight, so what?  Whatever I’m going to say will be true, just unfiltered.  I’m in whatever day of whatever month of sheltering at home.  50 days?  60 days?  I think it’s close to 70, whatever March 13th would be.  Yep, I should know.  I should know how many days I’ve been sitting in my kitchen bunker office.  I should know how many cases of Covid-19 have been reported, how many have died, how the number has decreased, or increased, or whatever, but I don’t.  I have stopped counting.  I stopped doing the 100 day challenge, not because I wasn’t making something every day, but because I couldn’t bear to count to 100 and still be in the same place.  I really value time, every minute, and I usually like to quantify along with qualifying, but I just can’t.  I feel like I’ve wasted every minute of sheltering in place.  I could have been doing this, or I could have been doing that.  I could have been exercising, I could have been getting in shape, I could have organizing, cleaned, redecorating my house.  Have I done nothing? Probably not, but it feels that way.


So, I’m trying to keep a sketchbook, and notebook, a journal, a whatever, a record, an accounting that doesn’t involve counting, and I signed up for Liz Steele’s Foundations, because I figured out it’s really hard to paint if you don’t know how to draw, and you don’t know how to draw until you can sketch, and sketch intuitively.


So these are my objects I chose.  My grandmother’s souvenir from Holland, a tiny pitcher maybe? A leaf that I kept pulling out of Charley’s mouth.  I know, you don’t know Charley, but he’s a puppy.  He’s a puppy we have because Lemon is gone.  More on that another day.  Lemon had a good life, sweet girl, and so will our Charley.  And, a hideous teapot, a gift my brother received for his wedding, that I guess I rescued from the trash?  I don’t know how I ended up with it. In any event, I’m sketching -yeah!  Onward!

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