A Weekender for Every Day of the Week

I’ll admit it – I’m a bandwagon girl. Or, more accurately, if there’s a sweater parade going by, I’m definitely in the crowd watching, and, it doesn’t take much for me to hop on the float, and cast on the sweater du jour. When everyone started knitting this sweater, the Weekender by Andrea Mowry, I certainly put it in my Ravelry queue, and I kept my eye on photos of completed projects. I didn’t cast on immediately though, because I was concerned about the drop shoulder. A drop shoulder on an oversized sweater with no shaping definitely runs the risk of looking like a trash bag with a hole for your head.

Right before the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, when I was making my shopping list, I decided, what the heck? Everyone should have a comfy sweater in their warddrobe. To mitigate the drop shoulder, unstructured look of it, I decided to go for a smaller size, without the recommended ease.  I wish I could tell you what yarn this is, because I do really like it, but I’ve lost the label, and all I can tell you is that I bought it at MSW, it’s worsted, and its wool.

Once committed, I cast on nearly immediately when I got home from the Festival, because everyone needs to knit an oversized, bulky sweater during the summer, right? Immediately, I was frustrtated – I grumbled mightily about the tubular cast on. But, I reminded myself it was only May, that there was no hurry, enjoy the process, don’t worry about the product, and I watched a couple of videos until I got the hang of it. The knit was easy, the anonymous yarn was lovely, and at the end – the reward? Kitchener bind off. Uch. But these extra steps – the tubular cast on, and the Kitchener bind off, really do give a nice edge to a finished rib. So complain I did, but happy in the end I was.
With all of that said, the sweater was not as easy as it looks. In addition to the nontraditional cast on/bind off methods, there were also short rows, and a lot of shaping around the shoulder area. So, while the photo makes it look like a beginner sweater, I would recommend this pattern for someone who has at least one sweater under their belt. Someone who is not an experienced sweater knitter would probably need an experienced knitter friend or LYS to get them going, and then they’d be good to go because the instructions are clear, and there’s nothing you can’t youtube.

So, join the Weekender parade my friends! The little touches make this sweater special, and it’s now in my regular sweater rotation. If you have any questions or concerns about the pattern, ask away in the comments – I’m always happy to help!

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