{112/365} – Muses (or just musings) and Reflections

Right now, my world revolves around my husband, my dog, and the Phils.

But, you’ve seen enough pictures of them, haven’t you?

Or not.

The theme today for Picture Fall was muses.  My husband’s main muse right now (besides me, the dog and the Phils)?  A Camaro.  And, for his birthday, I couldn’t buy him a Camaro, so I bought him the next closet thing, sort of:

First, for Macro Monday:


Yep,  got him a ’69 Model Camaro – mean?  No, he’s having a great time!  Men love a good project!

Model Building 

Model Building 2 

Model Building 3 

And me, what inspires me?  What muse speaks to me?  My husband, my dog . . . camera, textures, random thoughts, and  hopefully, my Polaroid SX-70 that I bought off of Craig’s List today! 



I couldn’t decide which one I liked better.  I was leaning towards the top one (which is the one I ended up using for Picture Fall, just because it’s lighter), but my husband likes the bottom one.  Any thoughts?

And, what the heck, if I’m shooting myself, I might as well expose myself even more . . . and link up.  And, if anyone is interested, really interested in self-portraiture, I stumbled up on this class, You are Your Own Muse – this is not an endorsement, or a recommendation, I just found it, and thought I’d share, and if you’re interested, you should check it out.  Her site looks lovely, and her photography is really compelling.

In the meantime, go on over to the Old Nichols Farm to check out the other brave portraiteers!


Facing Myself


  1. MarieElizabeth October 19, 2010

    I like the bottom one too. I think the model was a great idea and the photos of him working on it are a great keepsake for you to.

  2. justine Gordon October 19, 2010

    I like the top one. What is craig’s list? I would like to get an sx70, it’s on my wish list. I love your pictures here, the detail is wonderful and so crisp.

  3. Clare B October 19, 2010

    I agree with Karli, the pictures of your husband have a wonderful light. Not sure which of the textured photos I like more – I like both, they convey different moods.

  4. Katie L. October 19, 2010

    That counts – you did buy him a Camaro! 🙂 My father in law has his dream car in model size, too!

    And I think I like the lighter edit best. The focus is more on you.

  5. pip October 19, 2010

    fabulous pics…. i love the model building one reflected in the window!

  6. Jess October 20, 2010

    Ummm… WOW. I have to agree with the others, what struck me first about the pictures of your hubby is the light, so moody and dramatic, and the perfect WB. Those are very very nice.

    Of your SP I like the darker one better, it draws my eye to your face more than the lighter one does. Love how it represents you, the film shooter. Enjoy your new toy!

    Thanks for linking up. I’m glad to have found your beautiful blog!

  7. Flickr: 5novaks October 24, 2010

    Nice texture


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