Well, Hello Dolly

Spinning the creativity wheel this weekend – whirl! – all signs point to . . . dolls! In my cycle of painting and knitting and crocheting and jewelry making and whatever crafty thing crosses my path – this weekend I’ve landed on the doll square of the crafty board. At first, I was all internetting about cloth and clay dolls – again – but I found this cloth pattern on Etsy by Anna Balybina, and I liked it, and said to myself, that’s my project this weekend. I never did finish my Danita Art cloth doll – I started stuffing my body, and the neck was so infuriating – no matter how much stuffing I added, it remained floppy and crinkly. Aargh. So, I put it away, thinking oh, for tomorrow – but, tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow – never came for that doll. I guess it still could, I don’t know. But in any event, I’ve birthed a new doll –


The sewing is similar to the Tilda doll, but it’s much smaller, and the shape is different. It’s been so long since I pulled out my sewing machine, that I contemplated for about 2 seconds the notion of sewing it by hand . . . um, no. And, my worry was for nothing – I can still work ye ol’ sewing machine. And, in fact, since it was already threaded, it fired right up, the bobbin didn’t jam once, easy peasy!

I started stuffing, but then decided, tomorrow is another day. Huh, that didn’t work out so well for the Danita doll, but this one . . . it’s gonna happen.  So much so that I spent a little bit of my morning practicing faces – I’m a little worried about moving to fabric, but I can always cut and sew another one . . . and another – practice practice!

And that’s what I have on deck this weekend!  Hopefully, I’ll have a finished dolly to show you on Monday.  Have a great long weekend!

Basic CMYK

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