Back to School-ish

Ah, it’s that time of year again – when my Facebook feed is flooded with back to school photos, in a parade of endless backpacks and tight ponytails. Aside from the shock I felt when my one crafty Karate Kid niece appeared as a GASP cheerleader in my lead story, it’s all the same old same old. And, while I’m not packing any peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or hovering over any kids at the bus stop, I too feel that change of seasons, as I slowly emerge from my heat induced, airconditioner addicted stupor, and feel those creative juices start to pump.

My pumping creative juices, however, sound like “thunk a thunk a” as opposed to a gently flowing river – creating havoc and mess wherever I go.

This weekend, I hit the paints – or the paints hit me, as even as I type this, I have acrylic paint on my nails that I can’t get off.

I made this face on a long ago prepped canvas –

She’s looking a little Elvis, but that’s ok – I enjoyed her. And that’s the point. To be honest, not only is my Facebook feed overloaded with back to school, it’s also filled with a lot of “bad” art – art from the heart though, and everyone is so filled with happiness in their creations that I’m happy to see lopsided eyes, neckless tilted heads, cartoon noses – all that good stuff – because it’s stuff that looks like my stuff, so I know my fellow crafter gets me, and why it’s ok to revel in making stuff you’ll never sell, or never gift, or may never even leave your craft room. Because it’s fun, and relaxing, and art isn’t reserved just for the talented or the professional or the art student.

While creating Elvisina, I spilled some blue paint – just craft paint from Target, no big deal, but I didn’t want to waste it. So, I had some gessoed cardboard, and made blue and purple girls –

I feel like this should be the underpainting, and I shouldn’t be so lazy, and I should keep practicing, and add another layer of paint . . . we’ll see. The truth is I am a lazy crafter when it comes to painting or sculpting or dollmaking, I make one thing, get it out of my system, and then move on to the next thing, never getting very good or skilled at anything. For instance, the doll bug is biting again – and if I had just stuck with it back when I was originally struck with the must make dolls jolt, I’d probably be a pretty good dollmaker by now. But, as it is, with no practice, and no improving upon the last project, I’m theoretically back at the beginning, and when I get my doll stuff out this week, it will be like reinventing the wheel. But that’s ok, I’m a process girl anyway.

So, Elvisina joins the crew of stuff that doesn’t leave the craft room, and I will continue to plot my next trick.

I have a crocheted jewelry class lined up, which has lead me down a paper bead hole , I’m all about paperclay and cloth bodies again (at least in my head), and I’ve been revisting my Misty Mawn classes (they’re only supposed to be around for a year after purchase, but she always leaves them up longer). I also really really wanted to make these crocheted stones but I cannot find one usable stone in my backyard. I scavenged my mother’s backyard on Saturday, and every stone I found was really a rock, a rock which looked like doo doo according to my mother, so that didn’t quite work out. Maybe it’s a good thing – TOO MANY PROJECTS!

Although maybe I could walk the dogs, and perhaps lift from stones from my neighbors . . . shhh!

Basic CMYK

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