Yarn Along – Until the Yarn Runs Out

Now that the Ravellenics Games are over, and fall approaches (totally wishful thinking!), I’m back on board with knitting, and I cast on my Miss Babs from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  Who cares is 90+ degrees out?  Pshaw!  There’s never a bad time to sit with a pound of wool on your lap, right?

This will grow up to be The Shetland Trader’s Islay.

Well, that’s the plan at least. But to grow, you need yarn, and yarn, weeeeeelllll – I originally bought this yarn for another sweater with a different gauge. And then, I was seduced by the Shetland Trader cardigan, and based on my eyeball estimation, it looked like the same amount of yarn to me.

And why did I trust my eyeball?!?!   My eyeball is constantly off on gauge, has trouble with right and left, and isn’t allowed to drive a car since my eyeballs are bad drivers. Bad eyeball!

I definitely need another skein of this hand dyed yarn.

Yep, hand dyed, purchased at a festival probably one of a kind yarn.  I do have another skein on the way, and I can only cross my needles that it’s close.

The color is more accurate in the above photos than these two, which I shot really quickly this morning with only light from my dining room chandelier.

So, here’s where I am, and as you can see from the hanging tail, I’ve finished my first skein of Yowza, and I still have finish the left side, upper back and upper right front of this piece. So, I’m sure my second skein will get me through that, and I’ll use the incoming skein for the sleeves.  I guess if it’s a crap match, I’ll . . . I’ll think about that when it happens.

On the reading front, I finished Richard Price’s The Whites.

Since we’re deep into HBO’s The Night Of, co-written by Richard Price, and years ago, I read Clockers, I was really looking forward to sinking into a dark Price world, but unfortunately, this wasn’t his best.  In fact, it’s pretty stupid.  While the events that take place in the book certainly would be some detective’s fantasy, it’s the not the gritty realism I was hoping for.  And the big reveal in the end is pretty much a whole lot of nothing.  In any event, at least it was quick read.

Now, I’m reading Graham Swift’s Mothering Sunday, which is a novella about a Downton Abbeyish maid who becomes a writer.  Her story is revealed through a framework of  interviews of her in her 80’s and 90’s, interspersed with the events of one day, a Mothering Sunday, from her “maid days” that shaped her.  There’s a lot of writer craft talk, about words, language, giving things names, and meaning, and it brought me back to a short story class I had in college where my professor was into all things meta.  The Amazon review refers to it as “luminous, intensely moving tale,” and I don’t think I’ve been intensely moved, but I have enjoyed it so far.

So, that about wraps it up for this week!  Linking up with Small Things Yarn Along!


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  1. Debbie August 24, 2016

    it’s always a good time to knit!!! your sweater is beautiful, a very pretty color. i like yarns with variegated colors, ones that have personality!!

  2. Elizabeth August 24, 2016

    It’s been boiling here too. Definitely ready for cool weather.
    Keeping my ‘needles crossed’ for you! If it isn’t a match, at least you will have a story to tell.

  3. Caffeine Girl August 25, 2016

    Thanks for saving me the wasted time of reading The Whites. I usually like Price, but any writer will have a few fails.


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