Fauxdori Fix Up

So, you may remember, I started the year off all moved into my Fauxdori planner from Dokkipaper.  I was all about minimalism – the craft paper inserts that came with the notebook cover, my own photos as decoration –



That was it.  That is, until I got sucked down the planner hole interweb.  Here’s the thing though, this planner community -I’m seeing a lot of decorating, but not any actual planning.  Part of that, I assume, is because the actual planning is private, and people don’t post photos of their daily agendas.  However, that’s not always the case – there are plenty of “before the pen” and “after the pen” shots – that’s the lingo, by the way.  And, yep, I’m one of those people, that if you post a photo of your planner filled out, I’m going to read what’s on the page – not because I care what you’re doing, or want to invade your privacy (that you’ve put out there anyway), but I’m just curious.  And, some of this planning is stuff like “take shower,” “make dinner” “plan tomorrow.”

Rather than be my totally judgmental self, I’ve just come to accept from my planner voyeurism that the word “planning” just has a different meaning these days.  Planning in a planner can mean anything from simply decorating (those plan with me videos all over youtube), to memory keeping, to list making, to actual planning in the traditional sense – goal setting, to do’s and a calendar/scheduler.

Anyway, I do like a little pretty, and I decided the old Fauxdori could use a makeover.  So, while Joe was sick last week, and I felt guilty just leaving him in the t.v. room by himself playing his video games, I signed up for Christy Tomlinson and the Reset Girl’s little workshop, The Creative Planner.  Of course, there are a gazillion free videos on youtube, but for the most part, they’re a mixed bag, and you don’t know if you’ve found a really organized, informative video or a babblefest until it’s too late.  So, for $35 I invested in hours worth of well edited, organized videos, got in depth reviews of every planner out there, and watched some really helpful tutorials on how to pimp my Fauxdori.


So, the first thing I did was ditch the calendar insert I was using, and I downloaded this one from Happy Digital Download.  The calendar that I ditched had a monthly view, a weekly view, and daily views.  Way too much.  I don’t enjoy writing the same things down over and over.  So, I was originally only going to go with the monthly view, but I really liked the weekly view that matched, so I bought that too, and created a separate insert for my weekly planning.

Printing out inserts online for the Midori sized notebook is kind of mystery, even after watching videos.  All you really need to do is open up the insert, print it, and trim it, allegedly.  But, if you print it out the way the PDF opens – in a landscape mode on 8 1/2 – 11 paper, you have to trim both sides of the insert – the top and the bottom.  I find that if I print on the 8 1/2 x 11 in portrait mode, and fold it in half, I only have to trim the top.  So, what I do is create a blank document in photoshop, open the PDF of the purchased insert in the program, which will open as PNG, move the PNG to the new page, and resize it to fit in portrait mode.  Then, I print them double sided, and fold them in half.  Before I trim, I find something I’m going to use as a cover – for these inserts, I used the perforated pretty paper that came in the last issue of Flow magazine, punch 3 holes in the spine with an awl, sew it up in pamphlet stitch, and then I take one of the original Midori brand inserts I have, line it up where I want to cut the insert, and with my quilting rotary cutter, I trim away the paper.  It takes more than one pass with the rotary cutter to trim the paper, so it’s important to keep your hand firmly on top of the notebooks, so that they don’t move around and you get a crooked cut.  But, this way, you’re only really trimming the top (or top and bottom if you need to center your cover).  Sometimes, because of the bulk created when the paper folds, you have to trim the side too, but that’s just a teensy bit.

After I made the new inserts, I switched out the felt business card holder you see above, and bought the plastic zipper/business card combo instead.  I  filled the zip with some stickers and some washi, and I have my little bit of pretty if I want it.

Then, I went totally planner cuckoo and made a dashboard!  The Amazon laminator is only $20, and can also be used to do that gold foiling that’s so popular these days.  So, I bought the laminator, and made this:


I cut the Flow magazine paper the same size as the insert covers.  I left space in the middle so that it could wrap around my other notebooks, and I sent it through the laminator.  Voila!


Here’s the flip side – because everyone needs a laminated sentencing guidelines matrix in their planner, right?  Well, I do.  Most people make a dashboard so they can see something pretty when they open their planner, or something inspirational, and because it’s laminated, they can put sticky notes and page flags and washi, and it can all be removable.  I honestly just wanted a laminated sentencing guidelines.  I can’t take the whole planner into the prison with me, but I can take that one laminated sheet.  And, if someone in court wants to see my guidelines, which happens all the time, the paper is protected, won’t fray, and isn’t attached to the rest of my planner, so whoever’s borrowing it won’t see my secret stuff.  You can see, sort of, I notched the laminate a bit where the elastic fits in.  You can’t see it very well in the photo, but for those of you who don’t know, fauxdori inserts are held into the notebook cover with elastic, and that makes it easy to use a notebook and replace it.  The traditional Midori brand Travelers Notebook has one elastic, like my fauxdori.  You can buy notebook covers with additional elastics, but I think, if you know how to put the notebooks in, the one elastic actually makes more sense, but that’s just a matter of personal preference.  The elastic has a bottom strand, and a top one.  You can’t put anything under the bottom strand, that will make your notebook buckle.  Rather, you slip the inserts in between the two strands of elastic, with one resting on the bottom, and the other one holding the inserts in place.

Next, I slipped in the plastic zip pouch:


This slips in under the top elastic band, on top of the dashboard. Next, I rehabbed the craft file, which I forgot to photograph separately.  You can see it above in the group photo – I laminated the outside of it with the cute cartoon girl going about her business, the inside stayed the same.  The only reason I laminated the outside was because the folder is kind of falling apart because I’ve shoved too much in it, and because I wanted to play with my new laminator.

Next, here are the inserts I made with the Flow paper and the digital downloads:


This is the back of one insert, the front of the other, and they are rubberbanded together through middle of their respective spines.

These two rubberbanded inserts slip under that main elastic, right on top of the craft folder I forgot to photograph.  The girl reading is my monthly insert:


And that’s about as crazy as I get with decoration.  Next set are again rubberbanded together, and slipped under that main band:


The first is my weekly view, and the second is a travel planner I made for our trip in two weeks.



Two stickers, that’s my decoration. And then finally, the bullet journal gets slipped in through the middle under the main elastic.


And here’s what it looks like all closed up:


It is kind of like magic how they all fit in there.  I’m almost done with that bullet journal, which is just really a gridded to do list, and the Midori brand, which I have on deck to replace it, is much thinner than this one that can with my Dokkipaper Dori, so it will all close even better.  For our trip to London, I’m going to take it out anyway and replace it with a blank journal.  I probably won’t take my calendars either.  I may put in another zip pouch for receipts and things, since the zip pouch came I a pack of three.  We’ll see.

So, that’s my latest planner set up.  Tomorrow, or soon, let’s just say that, I’ll talk about my new “memory planner,” how I’m using that, and why that would never ever replace my Dokkipaper Dori.

Basic CMYK




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