One Super Girl and One . . . Something Girl

So, this weekend, I went back to the books – or at least one book, We Make Dolls, an anthology of dollmaking edited by Jenny Doh.  This time around, I made a super cool character doll by Nichol Brinkman of Pink Cheeks Studios.  Nichol has three patterns in We Make Dolls, Mr. Strong, Mr. Grumpy and Super Girl.  I went with Super Girl.

How cute is she?

The face stitching on this doll worked out so much better than the stitching on the failed Frida – no ingrown hair problem here, since the muslin is backed with some batting.   Mine does looks a little different from the one in the book, though – I didn’t embroider the eyebrows and nose, rather I just used a sketch stitch on my machine.  I didn’t trace the template for the mouth, I just cut out a football shape, so mine’s more elongated, and I think, comparing it to the photo, my face doesn’t seem to be as long.  No matter.  My Super Girl seems a little more sassy in her bad self pink boots, and Nichol’s seems a little more bad ass.  Anyway, here she is hanging with the Tildas.

Could be the new Dreamgirls, eh?  Super Girl and the Tildas!

I made Super Girl on a whim.  What I was really jonesing to do was paint.  And, as I’ve mentioned I have a doll girl crush on DanitaArt, so I made my own little pattern, and went to paint town.

She started out looking like this:

And, ended up looking like this:

I like her face, but if this was the face I had intended to make, I probably would have put it on a different body.  I was really going for a more childlike, whimsical face a la Mindy Lacefield.  I started out with the big eyes, and the fingerpaint, and I ended up painting over the eyes at least three times, until I ended up with these.  Maybe next time I’ll paint the face first, since I really have no idea what I’m doing, or where a face is going, and do the body second, because I definitely would have put this face on a more proportional body.  But, no matter, she’s an art doll after all.

Here she is hanging with the girls:

I was really bothered by how long her neck turned out, so I gave her a fancy scarf.

She just looks like, “whatever.”

And, since we haven’t had  a gratuitous Lemon and Olive photo for awhile, here they are:

Basic CMYK

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