Cloth and Clay Doll done!

And, here’s where we left poor Dolly – stuck in a bottle while I fought with the Gunnislake Pullover.

Since she was still hanging out in the bottle, I did clean her eyes up a bit, although there’s no getting around the fact that one eye is more smooshy than the other eye. But, no matter – no one’s face is perfect, right? Well, some faces are perfect, and I guess if you’re fabricating a face, it could be perfect, but this face, it’s not perfect.

But, she’s presentable enough that she deserves some limbs:

I had some trouble sewing the arms on because I really didn’t leave very much fabric around the arm area when I was putting down my first layer of clay.  Can’t sew into clay, that I found out.  But, I was able to get them attached, and I moved on to clothing the poor thing.

I took a little dive into the box of novelty/vintage/costumey fabric that I bought when I went through my crazy quilt phase (which, if you hadn’t noticed is so over), and emerged with a gauzy embroidered piece, and a scrap of velvet that was already cut into a semi-circle, perfect for a skirt.  For the shirt, I just traced around her to get the placement of the armholes, left a wide opening to get either her head or limbs through, and then gathered the collar with silk ribbon.

And, here she is – hanging out with the rest of the girls.

She does look so prim and proper,eh?  I’m thinking I might paint some boots on her, although I’m also thinking I’m pretty done with her.

And for my next attempt – I’m going a little smaller I think. I got my Poppet tutorial Ebook – so I think I’m going to go with this kind of body –


But, I’ll probably go my own way with the face – I’ve found that it is impossible for me to duplicate someone’s work – as you may have noticed when I scrapped the original face off of this doll when I tried to recreate Gritty Jane’s folk art doll.  But, we’ll see.  I’m definitely going to make more of an effort to get the eyes the same shape and size before I give up in frustration again.  And, I’m still totally jonesing to take Danita’s art doll class, but I just can’t justify the cost right now -maybe after I get some holiday cash in December.  We’ll see.

Basic CMYK

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