Yarn Along – A New Relationship

As you know from Monday’s post, my knitting and I broke up. I was done done done with that project. And of course, it was all the knitting’s fault.

And, without shouldering any of the responsibility for the failure of that relationship, I have moved on to another one – 

Meet my new knitting, Antartkis in Wollmeise.  I am in deep like with Wollmeise, although I wouldn’t call it love.  I love MadelineTosh, I love Quince and Co., I love Miss Babs – Wollmeise, though, there’s something a wee bit missing.  I think it’s the twist.  The twist on Tosh Sock, Finch and Miss Babs is very similar, and the fabric is really squish.  Wollmeise doesn’t have that squish.  It feels much more practical, less luxury.  But, I really like it.  It’s soft, with great stitch definition, and it doesn’t split.  The color is great, and I’m settling in for a long, rewarding knit – it is 900+ yards after all.  I’m committed.  Again.

So, that’s what’s up on the knitting front.  As far as reading goes, I feel less stupid now that I’ve finished a book.  I had started A Little Life because my favorite book podcast, Books on the Nightstand, recommended it – with a higher recommendation than I think they’ve ever given anything, devoting an entire episode just to this book.  So, when I felt “meh” about it, I thought I must not be getting something, that it was me, not the book.  But no, I really think it was the book.  Nothing happened and it was boring.  There, I said it.  Boring.  Snore.  And 200 pages is plenty of time for something to happen, even in an 800 page doorstop.  So, I put down the book, and started, and timely finished, The Love Song of Queenie Hennessey, which was a prequel/sequel/contemporaneous story as it’s predecessor, the Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry (which is a $1.99 on Amazon Kindle today – so worth the two bucks!).  Looking at the story from Queenie’s perspective was interesting, yet, going back and rereading bits and pieces, particularly the ending of Harold Fry, which does give a glimpse into Queenie’s head at the very end, but implausible.  It just didn’t fit with what we knew about her from the first book.  But, problems with consistency aside, it was a light read, and a lovely read, and it got me back on track.

Now, I’m reading Judy Blume’s new book, In the Unlikely Event:


I can’t help but love this book. The voice is pure Judy Blume, and I feel as if I am revisiting my childhood. She, Marilyn Sachs, and Louisa May Alcott shaped my reading aesthetic, and I couldn’t be happier visiting with new Judy Blume characters. While ficitional, the book centers around the true story of three airplane crashes that took place in Elizbeth, New Jersey in the 1950’s.   While the book’s premise begins with death, as with all Judy Blume books, it is completely uplifting and life affirming. And that is the power of Judy Blume. A little over half way through, and I’ve slowed down, because I just don’t want it to end.

So, thanks for stopping by. Hopefully, my new yarn relationship will last through the week, and if not, we can hug it out next Wednesday!

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  1. Becki June 11, 2015

    I think that orange will make a beautiful shawl/scarf. Love the looks of that pattern.


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