Shame on You, Knitting

So, I haven’t done a video in three weeks, and I took a week off from blogging – because I am pissed off at my knitting.

Yeah, you knitting, I’m talking to you –

Things just aren’t working out with knitting and I these days. First, I decided to rip out Sesame barf. Totally the yarn’s fault. Not mine, not mine for picking the wrong project for it. Shame on you yarn. You are supposed to be sock, not a shawl. Be yourself dammit, don’t try to be something you’re not. Geez.

And above. Damn you stinkin sticky shetland laceweight. Who told you you would be good for a project with knit through the back loop? Do you know how hard you are to unknit once the stitch is twisted? Any mistake, and it’s a struggle – an unnecessary struggle I say, that is totally your fault!

And, I was so distracted by how unthoughtful and unforgiving you are when it comes to unknitting, I totally missed the fact that the super annoying knit through the back loop, twist it up stitch is actually purl through the back loop on the wrong side – and after hours of work – you are all garter instead of the triangle with radiating rows of stockinette. So, just look at what you made me do!

You have failed at this project, and will not be cast on, but cast out.  Be gone laceweight!  I will rise above you, and I will replace you with something that will get the job done.

So there.

That is all.

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