Knitting on the Porch, No. 4, A Mystery Revealed

On Thursday, I promised before and after photos of my new kitchen – eh, I thought I would get to it.  I didn’t.  In any event, it’s not really really going to be finished until this Friday anyway because of some glitches we had in construction, but I’ll talk about that more later when I do finally post the kitchen reveal.

And, speaking of glitches – sheesh! I had a heck of a time filming Knitting on the Porch today.  First, I filmed the whole thing and then realized that I was sitting in such a way that I had a mighty big gaping view of my thigh.  Uch.  Then, I thought I had moved the camera higher, and I guess I hadn’t, because there was my big ol’ thigh again.  Uch.  And then, I started again, and my neighbor started running the lawn mower.  But, it’s done.  And, you can see my energy level drop by the end.  And, when you’re filming and refilming, it’s hard to remember what you said, what’s in a keeper copy, what’s waste.  But, it’s done, and uploaded, and here it is:

And, in the video, I talk about:

Fiddleknits Designs Earth MKAL
Her next MKAL, Water
The Ravelry group for KALS
This new project I started, Cameo.
Crafty’s Crazy Quilting Class
The Etsy store where I got my fabric, AnnDanCes
This colorway of Socks That Rock.

And, I believe that’s it.

And, I would be off to bed, but we have a busted drain in the basement that’s spewing all kinds of crap, literally, and a plumber is allegedly on his way.  He’ll probably get here right when Mad Men’s about to start, and then I’ll have to watch MadMen tomorrow, which will make tomorrow suck because I’ll have to avoid all of the Internet postmortum.  Blargh.  That’s all I can say.

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