Not Quite Ten on Tuesday

Can you believe it? I can’t scrounge up ten links this Tuesday. Rather than flaling around the internet this week, I’ve really been immersed in embroidery and crazy quilting, studying up, and gathering resources. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m obsessed; I’d describe my current state as focused. But, with that said, of course I did a bit of hopping from here to there, and here are my little internet lilypads for the week:

1. This Compilation of a 31 Day Challenge. One topic (times a gazillion, as everyone picked a different topic), 31 Days, go learn.
2.  This website, in case you didn’t get enough learning.  Especially 3.  this post, which moved me today as I rode the train into work.  Make a place to sit down.  Sit down.  Be quiet.  Yes.
4.  Whales!  For when you’ve had enough learning, and just want something cute cute cute.
5.  This portrait, from beginning to end.  I love her stuff.

Five, that’s all I’ve got for you.  Unless you want to see some more crazy quilts, because that’s another story.

Coming tomorrow – Yarning Along, and the reveal of the finished Earth Shawl.  It is beautiful!!! (If I do say so myself, that is).

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