Ten on Tuesday, Because You Need 10 More Things to Click


It’s Tuesday! That means today is the day that I help you fall down the internet rabbit hole! Procrastination awaits! Here’s what I’m linkin’ this week:

This fun little internet thing, How Old do I Look?   In this photo it proclaimed I was 58:


In this photo, taken hours later in the day, it determined I looked over 20 years younger, at 37:


I’ve scrutinized both photos, and I guess part of the algorythm attributes age to shadows, because much of my face is shaded in the first photo, and in the second photo, it appears I have a better light source.  My teeth look better too,  in the second photograph.   Who knows?  I was pleased with 37, not so much 58 – so take it with a grain of salt, it’s just an Internet game.

This free crochet pattern.  Not the momma, not the momma!  Everyone needs a baby dinasaur!

And a patchwork Death Star to go along with it.

Crazy Quilts and Journal Covers.  I’m thinking that maybe a crazy quilt journal cover would be the perfect marriage of all of the things I’m doing right now.  Stay tuned.

This Interview.  This is not the first interview I’ve heard with war photographer Lynsey Addario, and as always, I’m riveted by what she has to share.  In this interview, she discusses her experience photographing a dying soldier, and the process she went through with his family on her return from her assignment.

And while I’m on the Radiolab bandwagon, this podcast was fascinating.  Did you know that during World War II, the Japanese tried to bomb the US with balloons?  I didn’t.

This challenge.  I can handle one stitch a week, right?  Especially if I’m going crazy quilt it up!

This fab purchase Christina made at Sheep & Wool.  I want one!  who wouldn’t want something called a Swirlette?

This font bundle.  Why buy one font for $29 when you can buy 45?  I would totally buy this bundle if I hadn’t bought the last one.

That’s it!  Enjoy!

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