Embroidery Sampler Check In

Progress!  Here’s my issue though – the stitches aren’t sticking.  And, what I mean by that is, they’re not sticking to my brain.  With knitting and crochet, I generally watch a tutorial once, and that’s it – it sticks, it imprints in my crafty memory, and I never have to watch it again (except for kitchener stitch, but that’s a topic for another day – I think my brain just rejects it).  I don’t mean for easy peasy things like back stitch and running stitch, but for the feather stitch, couching and even the buttonhole stitch.  A stitch I may have thought I mastered on Monday, on Wednesday, I find myself going back, watching the video again,  and relearning it.   While I find this disappointing, and of course diagnose myself with early onset Alzeheimers, I think I probably expect too much of myself.  In truth, the areas of the sampler that I complete, and then think, I’m an embroidery super star, really aren’t that big.  It’s not like I did rows and rows of feather stitch before I had to go back and rewatch the video.  I did a little zigzag of it.  Not enough to really etch it in my muscle memory, to the extent, like with knitting, my fingers have a mind of their own.

So here is the bit of buttonhole stitch I did with some variegated thread.  I put it down, and then when I came back to do some more buttonhole stitch, I forgot how to do it.  So, instead I worked on the flower – easy to remember backstitch and satin stitch.  And, I’m sure, once I do a refresh of buttonhole, I’ll get it – again.  And, maybe once I do all of those incomplete rows of buttonhole, it’ll stick and become like habit.

And, here is some elusive feather stitch. Part of the problem with the feather stitch, though, is that there are many variations of feather stitch, and the feather stitch in the Creativebug video isn’t this feather stitch.  So, I found this website, Sarah’s Hand Embroidery Tutorials, and she has a tutorial for every stitch imaginable, I think, so it’s all good.

And, hopefully, I won’t forget everything I learned last night, because I doubt I’ll be picking the sampler up at all this weekend, because this is  wool weekend – Maryland Sheep and Wool.  Tonight, I will pack my big tote bag, charge up my camera battery, figure out what I’m going to wear.  Tomorrow, I will shop, pet sheep, watch sheep dogs, and eat sheep product food at a sheep festival, which always seems wrong to me, but what do I know?  And, hopefully, Sunday I’ll post a video to show you all of my purchases, and maybe a baaaaahhhhhiiiing sheep or two!

Have a great weekend!
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  1. Amy May 4, 2015

    this is so pretty!


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