Knitting on the Porch – Countdown to Sheep and Wool

Happy Monday everyone!  At first, I thought I’d publish my video posts over the weekend, but that was unrealistic – it’s hard enough to get it together to film it, but to edit and upload on the same day – eh, maybe.  So then, I thought, I’ll publish on Wednesday, and link up with the YarnAlong.  But, that’s really not realistic either – there are so many blogs to visit, posting such awesome things, that it just doesn’t seem right to ask people to stay at your blog any longer than anyone else’s.  Everyone gets a turn on the Yarnalong, and I wouldn’t want to be greedy.  So, I’ll continue to link up and visit on Wednesdays, but I’ll keep it to photos.  So, I think, Monday is a good day for a video post – a good way to start the week for all of those procrastinators out there, who still want to chit chat about yarn and what not.

So, here’s this weeks video, with linkage below.  But, before you click watch, I must warn you.  Last week, I realized that sound was pretty low, so I ordered a lapel mic.  It has not arrived.  This week’s solution was to practically sit on top of the ipad – which means most of the video is my big head.  BIG HEAD.  Sorry about that.  Watch it on a small screen, I guess.  Hopefully, I will have my new mic next week, and all will be well.  Thanks for watching!  Oh, and if you do watch – notice the window behind me.  Someone decided to photobomb my video!

In this video, I talked about:

The Earth KAL
Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival
Kate Davies Designs
Color Affection Shawl
Miss Babs
Twist Collective
Wickerwork Cardigan
Marsa Alam
The Lalylala Bunny
Embroidery at Creativebug
Rebecca Rinquist

Have a great week!

Basic CMYK



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