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Yesterday, I began sketching out a schedule for the blog, and today, I’m linking up!  Crafting community, I’m coming for you!  I will find you!I found this link-up through the Love Your Blog Challenge – I love when a challenge leads to you spiraling free fall through the web, finding other lovely things on your way down the rabbit hole.  As I mentioned in my video post on Sunday, I think I’m going to post my yarny videos on Wednesday, but since I just posted one on Sunday, and I’m waiting for my lapel mic (see – working on that improving thing!) to arrive from Amazon, today will just be a photo-y post.  And boy do I have a photo for you – little Olive was feeling like a blog star, and did a little posing. But before we get to little miss Olive, I have some knitting to show you. As I mentioned in the video, I’m doing another Fiddleknits Designs MKAL, Earth and I’m loving my yarn, Tern, from Quince and Co.



 As you can see, the cable definition is fab. I’m halfway through Clue 2, and I’m really loving this design. I haven’t posted a photo of the whole thing because it is a mystery knit, so I guess it should be a bit mysterious. All will be revealed in time – and probably on a Wednesday! So, that’s it for the knitting. Now for the crochet.   Gosh, I’m still trying to get used to saying that!  And for the crochet, look – another Wednesday link-up!  Moogly’s Hookin on Hump Day!


I’m still hooking away on the Sophie’s Universe CAL, as is half of the crochet blogosphere – maybe even more than half.  Anyway, my first Sophie is one week behind the CAL, so I haven’t done the butterflies yet.  Which is strange since I’m such a butterfly girl, but you can only hold one project in your hands at a time, and I was busy with Earth, and with my second Sophie.  But, before we get to Sophie #2, here’s Sophie 1 –


I know that this Sophie is beautiful to some one, but to me, that periwinkle is an eyesore – especially in conjunction with the hot pink. The dangers of buying yarn on line – colors that don’t play well together. This Sophie is definitely going to be gifted, because I’m
keeping Sophie No. 2. Olive is going to be sad about this. She loves Sophie 1 –

Or she just wants me to throw her ball.
Look at that intense little face -she definitely just wants me to throw the ball, to heck with Sophie. And she certainly doesn’t care about Sophie 2 – her ball isn’t sitting on it.
Before I started Sophie 2, I did some real soul searching. Sophie 1 is knit in Valley Yarn’s Northampton. I flipped back and forth between Knit Picks and Valley Yarns, and since I had used another Valley Yarn before, I went with Webs. Both Knit Picks and Valley Yarns are affordable options for embarking on a project that sucks up yarn like an afghan, however, unless you order a color card, picking the perfect palette is a crap shoot. How was I to know Baby Boy Blue was really Periwinkle Peril? So, I struggled – try to order online again? splurge like a crazy pants person and my LYS. I had visions of a Silk Garden blanket – but to make that would have taken over 30 balls of yarn, for a $300+ price tag. Eek. And then third option, an acrylic. I’ve never knit a big project in acrylic – the only thing I’ve knit in acrylic are amugurumi. And, while I appreciated that acrylic does have it’s place in the world, I was put off by what I heard as an audible squeek when the yarn rubbed together not quite the right way. Well, it is plastic after all. But, a big project?

When we cleaned out Joe’s grandfather’s house after he passed away last October, I found Joe’s grandmother’s crochet basket in the attic. In it, she had her crochet patterns, including the chevron blanket pattern that she had made for all of her grandson’s in their favorite sports teams colorway. Joe’s blanket is in Chargers’ colors – blue and yellow, and it’s still on our couch in his man cave, in perfect condition. And, there in her basket, were skeins of Red Heart yarn that she had never gotten to, left unknit or unhooked. And while they were dusty, they were in perfect condition. They went in the garbage after all of those years in the attic, but the bottomline is, that yarn is indestructible, and in truth, it’s perfect for a blanket.

Once I made the decision to go with the acryllic, it was then time to plan colors.  I must have looked at every Sophie in Sophie’s Universe.  In the end, I picked a colorway that’s not only beautiful, but easy – Pollyplum’s RBG color scheme.  And, for someone clearly color challenged like me – periwinkle and hot pink, geez! – this design was perfect because she’s written out every row of color.  Thanks so much Pollyplum!!!


I’m not sure why that one green is reading mustard. I played around with my temp slider in Lightroom, but I couldn’t get it it’s true color, which is a green. Or maybe it really is mustard, and I’m blind as a bat. Maybe it’s like that episode of the Partridge Family, where David Cassidy is in love with this girl who wants to be a singer. He wants to put her in the band, but the truth is she can’t carry a tune. So, the family records her, and has him listen to her way off key vocals, and it’s only at hearing her objectively, without seeing her pretty face, that he can admit she’s terrible. Maybe I want it to be green, but it’s really mustard. Nah. It’s green.

And finally, to wrap things up,   Ginny, the author of Small Things, and the host of Yarn Along, would like to know what we’re reading.  Sadly, I can’t take a photo of the cover of my book with my yarny projects – I’m all digital there.  Frankly, at my age, it’s to have the ability to change the font size since my sun glasses don’t have a bifocal, and it’s the only way I can read outside.  In any event, I’m reading A Little Life by Hanya Yanihigara.  A Little Life follows the lives of four college friends as they find their way and themselves post graduation.  After the initial introduction of all of the characters, the story focuses on Jude, who suffers from debilitating pain and seizures from a childhood injury.  From what I’ve heard, this story is going to go really really dark, and graphic, and it’s not for everyone.  But, what I can tell you from what I’ve read is that once you step into this book, you step into it’s world, the writing is that good.  And, if you don’t want to step into the world of child abuse – this is not the book for you.  I’m about 120 pages in (the book is long, 700 or so pages, I think), and I sit down and read a chunk, and then absorb it.  It’s that kind of book. So, that’s what’s on the needles, on the hooks, and on the Kindle!  Thanks for stopping by! Basic CMYK [wc_divider style=”solid” line=”double” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=””]


  1. Laura Smith April 22, 2015

    Simply stunning blankets! I am speechless. Really amazing. And on another note, I am dying to get my hand on some Quince and Co. yarn. It is definitely in my future.

  2. Desiree April 22, 2015

    What beautiful colors for the blankets! Your pictures really make them pop. The cable looks great in that colorway!

  3. heathermama April 23, 2015

    those blankets are stunning! wow!

  4. Evelyn April 23, 2015

    Oh those colour combinations are beautiful, what gorgeous work

  5. Amy April 24, 2015

    Your Sophies are beautiful.

  6. Sarah April 25, 2015

    Your work is stunning! I am SO impressed! I only knit, I don’t do crochet and I have always felt as if I was missing something. Your work makes me desperately want to learn! How do you find the time?

  7. Elizabeth April 27, 2015

    Wow I love the crochet throws! They are amazing!

  8. Helena April 30, 2015

    Oh my goodness! That blanket is absolutely perfect!


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