Ten on Tuesday, or a Few Of My Favorite Things


In an effort to keep to some semblance of a blogging schedule, I thought I’d do some regular features.  Most bloggers publish their link love on Friday, but I think Tuesday’s a good, slow day for some linkage time sink.

So, here’s what I’m loving today:

This trailer.  “Chewie, we’re home!” Chills. So excited.

This interview.  Can you believe she’s 84????  Very inspiring and thought provoking.

This product.  $9.99/mo Photographer’s Bundle here I come.

This yarn.  So squishy.  So beautiful.

This book.   There is nothing little about this book.  The writing IS SO GOOD.

This Design Site.  Thanks for the pretty!

This Free Embroidery Project.  Better get out my thimble!

This finale.  We dug coal together.  Enough said.

This class.  I love Judy Wise, and I’m going to take this class.  Soon.

This app.  Grunge is gone, but I’m ok with that.  My go to Photo Editor, along with Pic-Tap-Go.

Let me know what you’re loving today – a little enabling never hurt anyone!

Well,  maybe it did, but you know what I mean.

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