Making the Grade

We all know about comfort food.  And, we knitters know about comfort knitting – it’s called garter stitch.  Easy peasy.  And my friend Grace loves garter stitch (and I-cord – the i-cord I could live without).  Anyway, I took a break (kind of a long break) from my gigantic Grace project (one more triangle to go!), to make her half square shawl/scarf Grade.  And remember a few posts back I mentioned I had a project on the needles in yummy Fibre Company Terra?  Yarn meet pattern –





I haven’t quite figured out how to fling it yet.  Some people can naturally wear shawls, I have to work at it a bit.  I’m going to get started on it right away, because I don’t ever want to take it off.


  1. mademoisellealex November 21, 2010

    hi dear
    this shawl is really very cute
    I love it !!
    great sunday from Paris

  2. Flickr: Justine Gordon November 21, 2010

    great composition


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