Going Not So Deep, the Finale of Serial

Ok, so I was wrong – Sarah wasn’t going with the long ball, the why of it all.  It really was just a Who Done It all along.

So, I guess Adnan was just the unluckiest guy ever.

i guess that’s that Big Picture?

It’s interesting that Diedre Enright tells her to focus on the Big Picture – because isn’t that what the cops did?  They picked Adnan as their suspect, and the holes in Jay’s story?  Eh – Big Picture – we know they were both involved, so Jay’s story doesn’t really make sense, nor can we really corroborate a lot of it, but let the jury sort it out.  We got the Big Picture right.

I think what Diedre was really, saying, I think, is Big Picture – let’s get this thing back in court, and we’ll worry about it later.

Strange that she and the cops really had the same idea – let’s get back in a forum, and sort it out later.

More later after I’ve had time to stew.


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