Book Recommendations to Tide You Over While You Wait for Episode 8

What to do what to do what to do while waiting for new Serial Podcasts . . .

I’m kidding really – not that addicted, yeah.

Anyway, I read two fantastically entertaining books in a row, such a rarity, that I thought I’d share.

First, Station Eleven.  I’m really over post-apocolyptic YA; I’m done with Hunger Game clones, and teenage angst and anxiety played out over distopian scenarios.  Station Eleven dispenses with the typical post-apocolyptic formula – rather than concentrate on the wildfire spread of the flu, and the obvious chaos that must have followed, Station Eleven picks up 20 years after nearly 90% of the world’s population has been extinguished, and we’re left with a cast of character who have managed to survive, I supposed, because they have let go of the past.  Part of the plot follows a traveling company of Shakespearian performers, and the curious survival of the traveling roadshow.  There are flashbacks, and strangely connected characters, and really interesting details, such as a character trying to remember and then describe what a working computer monitor looks like.  Characters who remember the past, characters who only know the present, and this stripped away existence, without electricity, internet, books, and global connection.  The connections in this book are intimate, and meaningful, in a way remarkable considering how isolated the characters are, living in gas stations, stranded in the airport, or examining the world through an old comic book.  Anyway, the plot, the characters, the concepts are all really thoughtful, and stayed with me long after I finished the book.

So much so that I had a book hangover after reading it – I didn’t want to read another book because I was afraid it would bring down my book high.

But, of course, I did pick up another book and this time, one that is light and frothy, and a book lover’s perfect tale.


The book is just completely charming.  All of the characters are good people, and all are flawed – all are just incredibly human and they feel like friends.

So, that’s it, until next time . . .

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