What is a Weekend?

Mom and I took a bus trip to Winterthur on Wednesday to see the Downton Abbey costume exhibit, and of course, if I were the Dowager Countess, Wednesday may as well have been a weekend.  Of course, since the “What is a Weekend” t-shirts were $30, I don’t even have a t-shirt to show for my visit to the once rich and famous, since I’d rather budget my “pocket change” for art supplies or yarn.

Anyway, Winterthur, one of the Dupont Estates in Delaware, is most certainly lovely in the spring and the summer, when the grounds are in full bloom.  On a midseason day, when the fall foliage is past its vibrant orange, reds and rich browns, however, it’s just ok.









Ok, so maybe it’s more than just ok.  So above is the Dupont reflecting pool.  I wonder what they reflecting upon?  How much money they had?  Decorating?  Party clothes?  Apparently, Mrs. Dupont changed her linens to match the seasonal foliage, so maybe she contemplated having the staff change the sheets.  I know I was reflecting on why I didn’t have a reflecting pool, and why I wasn’t part of the 1%.

After we wandered around the reflecting pool for a few minutes, and yes, it was just a few minutes, because I went with my mom’s Hadassah group, and everything was very scheduled. Move along ladies!  I wasn’t the youngest in the group, one other woman brought her daughter, and she was younger than I, but with my shoes on, I was definitely the tallest.  So, that was something.

So, the clothes were beautiful, and the exhibit wasn’t overly long.  For only a three season show, I guess it couldn’t be.









And, after we had spent our hour with the clothes, then we had a guided tour of the Dupont Home.

Here’s where they dined, surrounded by antique Americana,


And, here’s where they sat, when they weren’t sitting in one of the other 20 or so sitting rooms –

livingroomEh, i wouldn’t be comfortable there, anyway, right?

On the way home, we had lunch at a golf club, across the street from a cornfield, so why not get a cornfield photo –


And, that was our lovely day!  On the bus, I worked on my latest critter, on it’s way to being a lamb –

FullSizeRenderI was working on him on the bus in hopes that one of the ladies would want to buy him for a grandchild, but nope – lots of compliments, and oh, you should sell them!  But no offers to buy.  Oh well.  Joe did finally ask today where I was going to put all of my little creatures.  I suggested the craft room, since I think that was the only acceptable suggestion, and that was met with approval.




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