Hello Yellow!

Well, hello gorgeous!


#100happydays 2/100

After just a little rain – voila!  My hedge is in bloom – yellow!  A color only found in spring.

Yes, it’s spring.

It is.

So inspired, I decided to plant bulbs:


#100happydays 3/10

Well, maybe my inspiration was helped along by Joe saying, “Hey, why don’t you plant those bulbs that have been in the shed all winter?”


I’m not much of a gardener – but gosh – look at that determination on my face!



Anyway, while I planted and weeded, I listened to NPR’s book podcast.  The things I learned!

Like –

1.  Cannibalism is more f’d up than I thought it was – not that I ever really thought about it. This guy just wrote a biography of David Rockefeller, the lost, possibly cannibalized son of Nelson Rockefeller.  Did you know that a cannibal, once he’s done his, er business, believes that he is now the person he cannibalized.  So, say, Debbie eats Jane.  Debbie then becomes Jane, and then goes to Jane’s house, and Jane’s family is expected to treat Debbie as if she were Jane.  This bit of information had me thinking for quite some time.

2.  Brittney Griner really knows that she is enough.  I listened to an interview with Brittney Griner, the pro basketball player who just published her memoir.  Amazing – now here is a positive role model for young girls.  She is fierce, she is competitive, she is proud – she celebrates her size, her unfathomable height, her giant limbs. She is confidence.

3.  There are rules of time travel.  I listened to an interview with a woman who edited some kind of Almanac of Time Travel – and she was talking about the short stories in the anthology, and she brought up about how one of them broke all of the rules of time travel.

That rolled around in my head awhile too – rules of time travel?

There are rules?

How can there be rules to something that doesn’t exist?


4.  Short Stories these days are really really short.  Lydia Davis’s stories are so short they only have one period in them – only a sentence. But, here’s a longer one:

He could be our dog. But he is not our dog. So he barks at us.

Ah to be in college now.  I can just imagine the 2 hour discussion my modern short story class would have had about those three sentences.  Because they’re sentences, right, not even a paragrah? Not a story? But it does tell a story, so I guess it is a story.  Is a structure that tells a story always a story.

Yep, those bulbs were planted before I knew it.



Hope everyone enjoyed the spring day!

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