Little Box of Happiness

So, there’s nothing like being called the devil by a client only to come home to a little box of happy!

studiocalicoboxDevil, me?  If I were the devil, I wouldn’t be getting this sweet little box in the mail.

There’s a lot of chitter chatter online among PLer’s about whether to subscribe to a monthly kit, and if so, which one, or in some cases, how many.  I went with Studio Calico because, well, I’m not really sure other than all the cool kids were doing it.  I did read this chart, and watch the videos – thank you Scrapmaster! and for me, it came down to Studio Calico or Gossamer Blue, and I just went with SC because, well, just because.  But, if you get wrapped up in any of the Facebook conversations about which kit, you’ll never pick – Studio Calico is awesome! Studio Calico sucks!  I love GB!  Are you kidding, GB is terrible!  This one is too expensive, this one doesn’t have good customer service, this one has too many embelishments, this one has too many cards, this one’s cards are getting too flimsy . . . everyone has their own opinion.  If you’re interested in subbing, I would just go to the company’s website, look at the current kit, look at their past kits, and just pull the trigger on one or none, or maybe more if you have the money.

Here’s a list of possibilities for you:

So, this was what was in my little box of happy, called Bluegrass Farm, this month:


And a better look:

contentsofbox2So, let’s talk money for a second.  The SC kit is $19.99 + shipping, coming to $25.49.  This little pile right here – those Paislee Press stamps alone are going to cost you between $8-$12 (just a guess, but pretty much what fancy stamps cost at Michaels without a coupon). There are two rolls of washi – thin, but two rolls – probably $3.50.  Those alpha cork stickers – probably $2.  And then there’s the other little stuff – the two badges/flairs, the ampersand clip, the sheet of label stickers, the stars, a 4 x 6 photo overlay and the red shipping label (well, I don’t know what that’s about but it’s in there).  So, before you even get to the cards, and estimating the stamps at the low end of the spectrum – you’ve got at least $15.00 of stuff.   Is it stuff that I would necessarily put in my cart if you gave me a gift card and sent me to Michaels?  Probably not – but that’s why I love it!  Someone else picked it for me, and it makes me happy happy happy.  There were some rumblings that this month’s kit was “skimpy” but you get what you pay for – and if I pay $19.99 I expect to get $19.99 worth of stuff, not $25 worth of stuff, and honestly, I think that if you add it all up, you are probably getting $25 worth of stuff some months, maybe even this month.  I don’t really think about it until I read something negative about it – and I think, hey, this little box made me so happy! go pick on one of the more expensive kits.

Anyway, now the cards –

contentsofboxcardscontentsofboxcards2This kit comes with 30 double sided cards – so a little less than 1/3 of a Becky HIggins mini-kit, which comes with 100 cards.  A minikit goes for $14.99, so a third would be about $5.00 – and there you go – you’ve now gotten to the $19.99.  This month the cards were designed by Amy Tangerine, Dear Lizzy and Maggie Holmes.  Names are familiar?  Why yes they are because they design for the Becky Higgins brand.  So, it’s not surprising that some cards might also be found in another Dear Lizzy or Maggie Holmes kit – and no one else should be surprised either (a big complaint this month was that cards were dupes if you had the other ktis) because Becky Higgins works with Studio Calico, and this is a Project Life brand kit.

Dupes shmoops.  This is so totally worth it for the smile it puts on my face when I open the box every month.

Now, true devotees of Studio Calico get sucked into the rest of Project Life monthly bruhaha.  SC creates the monthly kit, and then – there are add-ons.  Not just a little roll of washi, or another set of stamps – but stand alone kits, that cost more than the basic monthly kit.  These addons are released for presale to subscribers at an annointed time – and bam! They are gone within minutes.  It’s a slaughter – folks jam the site right at midnight, fill their carts without even looking what they’ve put in them, and in the few minutes they have with their cart, they decide if they’re going to throw anything back for those who got there at 12:05.  This is craziness.  It’s just paper products.  So, I don’t even look at the addons – if I wanted another kit, I would just subscribe to another club. The addons go way beyond my needs – I just need my little box of happy once a month, and I’m good.

And, since this kit is pretty down home, and farmy, I’ll probably use it for knitter’s high holy day, the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival – first week in May people!

More little boxes of happy, sigh.



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