2104 State of the Quilt

You know how you start a project, and you’re so excited, and you speed out of the gate, and you’re running, and you’re waiving at people on the sidelines – yeah! look how great I am – and then all of a sudden, you hit a bump, and you stumble.  And whether you fall or your manage to brace yourself, you’ve killed your momentum.

I hit that bump with the Penny Sampler.  First, I started the last block of the applique section – the vines and leaves.  It turned out so bad, that I’ve already thrown it out.  Basically, it had these little leaves that should have been freezer paper appliqued – but I just can’t get the fabric to do what I want it to do around the freezer paper – I’m not getting those nice points like I’m supposed to.  So, I figured if I’m not getting the sharp points anyway, I might as well sew and turn.  So, I sewed and turned 12 teeny tiny leaves, and then I sketch stitched them to the background.  Yucko.  I didn’t have enough stablizer on the back of the fabric, and the fabric completely buckled up and crinkled.  Eeewww.  I can’t even tell you how many hours I wasted – three maybe?

So, then I moved on to the snowflake block.  This took a long time to cut and piece, but it was relatively easy –

pennyprogress4Confident, I moved on to the penny candy.

Penny “candy?”  There was nothing sweet about these blocks.  They’re the plus sign blocks stuck on the edge of the tangerine hanging diamonds:



pennyprogress2Everything about these little plus signs was annoying.  I cut the background from yarddage, and did a crap job.  Then, determined to use my feed sack charm squares, I ignored the fact that they weren’t all cotton, some were polyester, and some were a mix, and I cut them up anyway.  Boy did they become stretched and misshapen.  But, they’re done, and some of them will have to be redone – not all, and not today.

Today, I’m going to . . . I don’t know – like I said, stumbling block.  Definitely something easy.

In the meantime, I did my Sugar Block of the Month block:

SBC-2014-Large-ButtonSo, I got my pattern, and my recipe (waffles), and I got her “personal challenge.”  Based on her introductory post to the club, I was pretty sure her challenge was going to be faith based.  And, being Jewish, I just don’t use the kind of language she uses when I talk about spirituality, and I’m not really into what she’s saying.  But, the bottom line is, her goal is to be a better person, so we’re on the same page on the most basic level.  I respect what she’s doing, but in future months, I’m probably going to skip over reading her personal challenge, and just go with the block of the month (and maybe the recipe).

Anyway, so here’s my block!

Photo Jan 01, 11 18 52 PMI used my stash!  This is from the Joel Dewberry bundle.  I like the way it turned out, and I’m kind of bummed I have to wait until next month  to do the next block.

And then there’s my downstairs, handsewing project, the Modern Medallion:

modmedmedmal2The embroidery is slow going.  The biggest problem is threading the needle.  I need a new bifocal.  I’m pretty happy with it, but the edge is starting to fray, so I may do the next round before I finish this one so that the fabric doesn’t completely fall apart.

So, that’s where I am this third day of the new year.  Our printer is on the fritz, so I haven’t been able to print out my Lucky Stars paper piecing pattern.  And, I ordered this, and hopefully, by the time it comes in and gets going, I’ll have the top of Penny Sampler done.

Because a little stumble isn’t going to get me down.






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  1. Daisy January 4, 2014

    I have SO many things to say that I’m not sure I’ll get them all down in the right order – and some will get lost but that’s okay. First, you gotta push through with the sampler. It’s amazing when done. I had the same trouble you did with the freezer paper – I found that using cereal boxes (or leftover beer boxes from my husband’s hockey team) worked best. I cut the boxes for that smooth thin cardboard. Worked like a dream, but don’t use ink to trace your patterns. Use pencil so it won’t come off on your fabric when you use your starch. Next item: not wild about religious undertones of any kind for my BOM activity, but I, unlike you, didn’t detect that when I signed up for the sugar block. Call me a heathen, but I was just excited about prizes and linky parties. Lastly, you are my hero for posting the Intrepid Thread link! I should probably read more blogs, but I haven’t seen that yet. I am SO EXCITED. The Gypsy Wife is on my list off2014 goals, and if I can do it BOM style, that will likely make it easier to achieve. So thank you! This is probably more of an email kind of comment, but oh well. I’m inspired. Finish the sampler! I’ll cheer you on so I have a Gypsy Wife buddy to work along side me. Scratch that, I’ll cheer you on because it’s nice. Oh wait, almost forgot to say that I love the Dewberry in your sugar block; it looks great!


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