Fleeting Mojo

Ok, here’s the poop – I have zero scrapping mojo.  Right now, my Project Life is a month and a week behind, I do my bare minimum for my teams, and I haven’t done a Lilypad challenge in two months.  I think it’s the holidays, and the accompanying holiday products.  November was really really December Daily heavy, along with Christmas bling, neither of which are big scrapfests for me.  So, my plan is to just keep plugging away at the Friday releases, try and produce quality if not quanity, and hope that the mojo returns.  January is a month of challenges at the Lilypad, and that’s what got me obsessed in the first place, so hopefully that will be the magic elixir again.

So, this week, One Story Down had some nice artsy, scrappy stuff – so nice that I (yep, I’m patting myself on the back) got another GSO – woot!


The crinkly paper is from Designs de Wild, the awesome word art is from Designs by Tina, and the template with the perfect paper shadows is from She Creates.

And, over at the Lilypad, Lynne-Marie released her Digi Files creation, Tinsel.  As can see, Christmas is really the last thing I want to scrap about –


Amy Wolff also has a fantastic kit, Think Happy, Be Happy, that has nothing to do with Christmas at all, but I haven’t had a chance to use it yet.  Too much sewing going on.

So, that’s my meager scrapping offerings for this week’s releases.

Oh scrapping mojo where have you gone?

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