Finally! Penny Sampler is a WIP!

After so many weeks of planning, plotting, and studying (it is an e-course after all!), my Penny Sampler is finally and truly a work in progress.


My appliqué blocks are almost done! Only three more to go, I think, and then it’s on to the very scary precision piecing part of the class/ebook.

You might remember I started this 12 x 12 block with some left over Kate Spain fabric I had from another project. But, once the Reminisce arrived, I wanted to cut right into my new stack.



The above blocks are all 6 x 6. All of them except the mitten were sewn to muslin, then turned inside out, and then stitched to the background. My stitching is a little messier than Rachel’s, but I’m sure everything I do is messier than Rachel’s (most people for that matter), but that’s my style and I’m ok with it. If I wanted it to look perfect, I probably would have used matching thread, and done tiny little needle turn stitches. But, it’s the imperfections that make it mine.



So, for the most part, I’m happy with my color choices. I may have done the hearts in something with more pop, but they’re ok. The other little appliqué blocks are actually vintage feed sack charms. Love them! Love them so much that when I botched up the mitten (the mitten was a freezer paper, starch and fold the edges around a template thing) – I used too much starch and there’s a little starch stain on the bottom contrast strip, and I didn’t cut a big enough seam allowance and a bit of my edge came unturned – I didn’t have the heart to toss it because I love the little village pattern on the feed sack – and it’s a one of a kind. So, in it stays, and when it’s all put together no one will notice.

And the last of my Black Friday fabric purchases arrived – woo hoo! This is Botanics from Carolyn Friedlander. Even though the original stack of fabric is so vintage, and this is so modern, I think it’s still going to work.

I hope.

What could not work about this fabric?



And, tonight I got really ambitious and pieced much of the Village block. The upper row of little house is pieced, so I have the second row to piece together with the background, and then I have to do the stitch and turn appliqué roofs. This block really scared me – I had never really pieced such small blocks – teeny tiny windows and doors. But, I went slowly. I actually measured and adjusted my needle position for a scant 1/4 inch seam, and as each rectangle came together they got less wonky, straighter and required less squaring up. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to finish it up tomorrow.


If anyone is interested, Rachel has the Penny Sampler ebook for sale, along with two of her other past classes, Curves and Handstitched, for the next week. And then, poof, they’re gone. I’m going to get Handstitched once I get paid on Friday. The Penny Sampler book is awesome – it’s over 400 pages, has links to the original videos and downloads, and is chock full of insight and inspiration. Not only do you get the pattern for the Penny Sampler. But there are a bunch of side projects as well – a dogwood blossom appliqué quilt, a churn and dash quilt and zipper bag, a pillow, a paper pieced table runner, and a paper pieced wall hanging. Probably more that Im forgetting too. My point is, it’s really worth every penny, and it may not be for sale again. Penny, get it – har har!

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