Get Ready to BYOC – December!

Ah the December BYOC at the Lilypad – my one year anniversary of digiscrapping.  The first digiscrap products I bought from the Lilypad were December BYOC.  Of course, back then, I didn’t know that BYOC meant Build Your Own Collab, or that I woud not only still be doing this, but that I’d be on a few creative teams, and have a few GSO’s under my belt.

Anyway, this December’s BYOC still has plenty of holiday paraphernalia, but I was so happy that Laurie Ann created a nonholiday specific kit.  Holidays are a tough thing this year – Hanukkah is already over, and Christmas is going to be a big bummer around our house since Joey still isn’t speaking to us.  But, I know that other people have it much worse than we do – I’d much rather be faced with a wayward teenager than some of the horrible things that others have to contend with over the holidays.  But, with that said, I was happy to do a totally non holiday related layout.  This is one of Laurie Ann’s BYOC products

– there are also matching papers and journal cards:


Nice right?  It has some sparkly things that fit in well with the holiday, but its not holiday specific.

Here’s my layout –


Yes, we hade more than one chorus of Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel this weekend.  But, its good that she found an instrument that she likes – for awhile there she was playing the cello through school.  Nice idea, but she hated it.  Maybe it’s just me – but piano seems more pratical (if you have a piano that is).

Next, Amy Wolff’s BYOC – another one of her Messes.  Love the Messy Marvin line!  Makes the fact that its’s a holiday kit much more tenable –


And my messy page –


Had to go back in the archives for this one!  Our first Christmas together, Joe was living in this tiny apartment in Frankford.  The walls were bare, the furniture was black and beige, but he did have curtains!  Anyway, it wasn’t a very merry place.  So, I borrowed my unit’s table top tree, lugged it on the El to his house, and we put together our first little tree so that Joey would have a tree to open his presents under.  I’m such an evil stopmother right?  Anyway, Amy also has cool frames and those wood plank papers in the BYOC as well.

And last, but not lastly or in anyway least, Lynne-Marie’s Blitzen – more mess!  Love it!


And from Xmas last year –




Gosh he looks like one unhappy kid huh, spending time with such horrible people like us, right?  Ah well.  I should get over my bah humbug about the situation, but it’s hard.

Anyway, lots of BYOC products, lots of new challenges – my Amy page is also for this months Template challenge.

And, in other news – my Penny Sampler fabric is here – yeah!  More on that later.

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