It was a WIP – and Now it’s Finished!



So, when I started this post, my niece’s quilt was still a work in progress – but now it’s done! Finished!  Finito!  Whew!  Altered Squares Quilt done, check! I felt really pressed for time there at the end.  The photos above are of the binding pinned but not sewn, and when I did sew them, well, they’re a bit wonky I was in such a hurry.  But, she won’t care about that.  And, I was so rushed to get it wrapped, I didn’t even get a chance to photograph it all spread out.  Oh well.  And, I made a sweet label with my new sewing machine’s alphabet too!  Well, that was also kind of wonky – I forgot to stabilize the back of the fabric before I started the machine embroidery.  Oh well, again.

Anyway, here she is getting her gift:

quiltfbAnd me showing off the zebra backing –



And us snuggling under it!



And, how about an Olive photo just for the heck of it!



And look what I got for Hanukkah from Danielle –

lemonolivepillow2fbHmm, and there are two of them  . . . they’re not quite the dresden plate pillow cushions I had in my head as a future project . . . but I think they’ll look sweet outside in the sun room.  I think Lemon is a little freaked out by them – thinks more dogs are moving in.

And, finally, I just wanted to throw out there – I made 50 stinkin’ latkes –



Thankfully, Hanukkah is only once a year.  I fried them up on Saturday, and my house still smells like french fries.

So, onward!  Next up – the Penny Sampler!  My fabric is en route!  I went with the vintage color scheme, and I’ll post more about that when the fabric arrives, any minute!  I took advantage of all of the fab Black Friday sales, and I think once it arrives, along with my fabric stabilizer (not going to forget it this time), I should be good to go.

And, of course – those City Sampler Blocks!  I haven’t forgotten about them – between the two pies we baked for Thanksgiving, as well as a sweet potato concoction, the Hanukkah party at our house, and the trial I was supposed to start last Monday (she pled), I haven’t had a chance to sew a stitch, craft a thing, knit a row.  Time to get back to normal, I’d say!

Hope everyone had an awesome Turkey Day (belated wishes are still good wishes!)

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  1. liz December 5, 2013

    Beautiful quilt I love all the colors and the zebra backing is awesome! Is it minky?

  2. Julie December 5, 2013

    How nice to be able to do something like that for your niece. I am not sure if mine would appreciate the work that goes into them.

  3. amy December 5, 2013

    I love the quilt! and the zebra backing is wild! I love using fabrics for backing that make a statement.

  4. amy December 5, 2013

    I forgot to to say I love your personalized pillows of the doggies, so nice!

  5. Soma December 5, 2013

    Your niece looks so happy with the quilt and I love the pillow – too cute for words!!


  6. Janine December 7, 2013

    This is a fab quilt you’ve made your niece. She looks thrilled 🙂


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