WIP Wednesday – Altered Squares

So, as I mentioned in my last WIP post, I started a quilt for my niece for Hanukkah, and since Hanukkah starts Thanksgiving, I’m feeling a little under the gun. And, since she requested pink, lavender and zebra fabric, I was feeling kind of iffy about my fabric choice – Summersville Spring, which I think is young, modern and funky, but I didn’t know how it would go over with her.


So, I showed it to her.

I thought she would be jumping up and down – you started my quilt! The fabric is awesome! Yeah!

But, instead, she said, “yeah, it’s nice.”

Hello, you are not a teenager yet – you’re only 10. A little enthusiasm please?

“It’s nice. I like it. I said it’s nice.”


So, here’s the start of her nice quilt.


Joe decided to clean his car last night, so that meant – a. the trip to see Grandpop in the rehab facility wouldn’t take place until way later than we got home, and b. I didn’t have to do any cleaning while he cleaned his car because he was using the only vaccuum. Yeah, quality sewing time!

Now, I’m about 10 blocks away from being finished sewing the 80 blocks – 40 4 patches, and 40 hour glasses.


And, here’s my design floor – since I don’t actually have a wall in my craft room that doesn’t have an eave, and an example of what the blocks will look like when they’re put together.  This isn’t how they’ll be arranged – I just had a few minutes before work this morning to throw some blocks on the floor, and snap a photo.



I think I like it.

Great, now I sound like my niece.

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PS: When I was looking at my podcast list this morning, I just kept thinking something’s missing, something’s missing – and indeed, a favorite podcast had mysteriously vanished from my queue. Probably not so mysterious – I probably deleted it by accident. Anyway, I reupped my subscription to Books on the Nightstand, a podcast from two publishing industry insiders who just love books.  Whatever they’re reading, I want to read, because their love of reading, and whatever book is on their nightstand, is infectious.  And, they have good taste, too.

PSS A new version of Sense and Sensibility is out by Joanne Trollope.  This is all part of the Austen Project, which pairs modern authors with Jane classics, to promote, I guess, the modernization of Austen.  At first I was horrified, but then I thought how much Sense and Sensibility speaks to modern times, and how young girls behave like idiots sometimes.  I know, because I was an idiot once – drank too much, did dumb things, had crushes on the wrong boy – and when I finally let Jane speak to me – that one scene where Elinor asks Marianne if she compares her conduct to the cad Willoughby, and Marianne says, no I compare it to what it should have been – I compare it to yours,” – when I finally stopped comparing my behavior to those who acted worse than me, and started to compare it to people who behaved well, my whole life changed – I met my husband, let myself be treated well, and the rest is history.  Thanks Jane!  And I hope the new Trollope version lets her Marianne in on the same secret.


  1. Claire Alexander October 30, 2013

    Ah yes, those premature teen attitudes. I do think it is hard for non-quilters to see potential from the fabric grouping in the same way that experienced quilters can see it. I hope you get a stronger reaction to the finished top.

  2. Jo October 30, 2013

    Having a 10 year old girl myself, the enthusiasm shown for anything really doesn’t get much more than that! They don’t understand the effort and love that goes into these things! One day they will… Stick with it, the fabrics look great together!

  3. Stephie October 31, 2013

    Hi Wendy, just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog (can’t believe a week’s already gone by…). Have loved having a wee browse around your little place and will be back again soon!

    I think this quilt’s going to be fab…and as for the pubescent niece, well you should see what reaction you get from a10 yr old boy, haha!! I’m sure she’ll just love it when she sees it finished and can snuggle up under it with her bestie giggling about horrid boys!


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