{149/365} – Aidez

So, were you even just a bit curious about what I was going to do with those 6000 yards of O-Wool?

No, I’m not knitting a cover for our car.

Or the tree in front of our house.

Relax, I’m only going to use about 2000 yards, and then pass it along.

I’m going to knit this, Aidez, a free pattern from Berroco.


You’d think that after winding 6000 yards of yarn, the knitting gods would be smiling on me, and this project would have been off to a smooth start.  Not to be.  First, I couldn’t get gauge (3.75/inch).  Then, when I got close (a teeny bit more than 4/inch), I cast on, knit 6 inches, hated the fabric (way too loose) and ripped it out.  Then, I decided to try another project – this time, I picked a project with a gauge of 5/inch.  I got gauge – but on a three.  There was no way that I was going to knit a cably fabric on a three with a heavy worsted yarn.  Back to the original project.  I cast on for the 44 (I normally would have cast on for the 36), and went to work at 4.5/inch.  So far so good.  I think I’m getting a size that is between the 36 and the 40, which should be fine, especially since the cardigan doesn’t close.


And aren’t my stitchmarkers sweet?


Have an awesome turkey day everyone!

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  1. Flickr: Justine Gordon November 26, 2010

    so very pretty


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