Take Tylenol Cold – You Won’t Look Like the Scary Lady on the Train

hallsadReally?  This ad is going to sell you a cold medicine?  Take Halls – you’ll still look like crap, but you’ll be able to muddle through!  Take Halls – you not only will look like crap, but you will scare small children on the train! 


And not only is there one snot nosed lady attempting to sell Halls, there’s another one on the opposite wall, who’s nose is even redder – Take Halls – we know Rudolph was your favorite reindeer!


Seriously – is this really selling Halls to anyone? 


Not the work of Don Draper.

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  1. thea December 12, 2009

    so funny. Am guessing the client drove the creative team crazy. Am also guessing that I look like that on a bad hair day.


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