Damson by the Pond

Ah, there’s nothing like knitting a heavy wool blanket just in time for spring . . . not.

So, I put down my latest gigantic blanket project, and had a quick fix of Ysolda – Damson – a shawlette/scarf/thingy you throw around your neck.

Because of it’s poncho like shaping, I’m sure this isn’t the way you’re supposed to wear it – all smooshed up so that you can’t see the lovely lines of yarnovers, but whatever.  I’m a smooshed up kind of girl, I guess.

It’s knit in a skein and a quarter (how much does that suck!!!!) of Blue Moon Fiber Art’s Socks that Rock in Pond Scum.  This was a color that didn’t hit me right away – well, it did, the wrong way.  I first saw it around Christmas time at Stitches East two years ago, and when one of my friends bought it, I smirked – eh, she just bought some crappy looking sock yarn called Pond Scum, and when she knits socks out of it, it’s going to look like someone vomitted on her feet.

But, this color caught on – it’s everywhere. 

 And, it caught on with me – I love it.

And, now that my little fix is over, do I really have to go back to knitting a ridiculously large blanket?

Nah, next on deck I have this orange triangle thingy – awesome color, right?  Eh, I don’t know, but it’s so springy, and so not snowy, that I’m really enjoying knitting with it.  And, it’s a nice change up – Damson was a really really easy knit – a glance at the chart every once in awhile is just about all you need.  This chart, on the other hand, is not hard, but definitely not the mindless (but lovely!) garter of Damson. 

Garter rules, but everyone needs a little yarn over now and then. 

Have a Happy Holiday Weekend Everyone!

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