The State of the Starmore (s)

Stardate May 7, 2010, Knitter’s Log 2 – In honor of Mother’s Day, or just in the course of normal knitting insanity, I cast on another Starmore – a Jade Starmore – and now have mother and daughter on needles. 

First, Mama Starmore – no pictures – it’s too sad.  On Sunday night, just as I planned, I dumped Thoroughbreds on our bed, much to the chagrin of my husband, and began the sorting process.  I picked up each ball, and yelled at it ‘Tell me your name, dammit – are you Turf?  Mooskit?  Tell me, or die!!!!”  Anyway, not shockingly, the ballbandless blobs did not speak up, and I abandoned that line of attack.  I would just figure it out as I went – one color at a time.

So, I started to knit – ok, easy peasy – the first colors were already on the needles, and from looking back, and looking at the tails, I could move on to the next color.  But after the first row, something just felt off – and then I remembered the stitch count problem.  So, I counted.

And, I counted again.

And, one final time.

Drat.  I had only done the armhole decreases on one side of the vest – for 2.5 inches.  No wonder I put it down. 

Let the ripping begin.

And that is why there is no picture of my ripped back Starmore.  But, at least it’s fixed, and hopefully, I’ll start knitting it again before Starmortis once again sinks in.

Now to the daughter, Jade, and Persian Tiles.  Persian Tiles Wrap is from Jade’s book, A Collector’s Item, a collection of knitting designs inspired by the Glasgow Museum’s Burrell Collection, a collection of 9000 works of art, including tapestries, paintings, stained glass, and scupltures, among other things.   Unlike other Starmore’s, this design, a two colored Fair Isle, is meant to be personalized, in fact on the Virtual Yarns website, she says,

 “Here is a very quick and very easy way to add combinations of our Hebridean colours to a home. The example shown here, in Spindrift and Solan Goose, is a subtle take on my original version. I made it to go with the blonde sanded floorboards in my living room. However, you can choose our colours to give many different effects. I know of a deep green leather couch that is beautifully graced by a pair of Persian Tiles cushions in Red Deer and Calluna. Just choose your mood. An amendment is provided to be used in conjunction with the book.”


Choose your own colors?!? Sweet!  Of course, she does recommend choosing Virtual Yarns colors, but eh, at least I know longer have to worry is a Starmore still a Starmore when it’s no longer a Starmore, not that I had been planning on worrying about that, really truly deeply.

Choosing two colors was hard for me – I’m not a colorist.   I even bought a color wheel to help me out, but then I couldn’t figure out which arrow went with which star that went with which triangle.  I spent at least 45 minutes at the Davidson‘s booth at Maryland Sheep and Wool, putting every color on the shelf together with a pair.  First, I settled on a rich, dark ocean blue, and a lighter blue, but I was afraid that they wouldn’t read.  So, I asked the woman who was manning the booth what she thought, and she thought I needed something that popped – like yellow.  I immediately said, uch, I don’t want it to look like I went to Michigan – and oops, then noticed she was wearing a Michigan t-shirt.  Oh well.  No yellow.  A slinked away, and eventually picked these two colors:

Burgundy, and

And Bayberry.

Anyway, so here’s almost the first repeat of the fifty row, fifty stitch pattern repeat –

It’s a surpringsly easy knit – it’s a long repeat, but the pattern is symmetrical, so once you go up the row, down the row is just backwards.  I’m not catching my floats in the back, first because I’m lazy, and second, because I knit fair isle with one hand, and pick and throw my yarn, so I don’t naturally carry the yarn behind the work.  Because there are some 15 stitch floats, I’m probably going to have to line the thing if I ever finish it – oh, I’m sorry WHEN I finish it, righto.

Yarn for Persian Tiles was my goal at Sheep and Wool, but of course, I had to go off plan, and buy a few things here and there.  Usually a few things means 10 things, but this year I was pretty good – this is the rest of my haul –

I’m not sure what the skein on the left is, but the center skein is Creatively Dyed, and the 2 on the right, are Miss Babs.  And, from this little gathering of fingering and laceweight will spring Haruni, Juneberry Triangle (if I can ever get my hands on the pattern – it’s backordered everywhere!), and something else.

So, are you a bit tired of my muddy pictures?  I am – and I’m going to take another crack at Photoshop.  I found this online course, so we’ll see how it goes. 

And how goes Lemon – my husband sent this picture from his new camera phone –

It’s nice to be Lemon, and hang on the deck all day!

Have a good weekend everyone, and have a Happy Mother’s Day – and go on, do it – cast on a mother daughter team!

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