Photoshopped Flowers



Pink Flower


Flower Baskets 

So as part of my spring sprucing, I’ve been playing around with a Flickr plugin – Flickr photoalbum.   Before, my Scrapbook page was generated by WPG2, a WordPress Gallery, and I never really got it to work right.  So, now, the page pulls everything directly from my Flickr albums – awesome!  I’m not in love with the template, but it’s ease makes the switch a done deal.  And, these flowers were also slurped up from my Flickr.  Neato!


More flowers to come – check in for Windowbox Wednesday, um . . . on Wednesday!


  1. it’s perfect….
    i love everything about it!

    did you do a mad scientist laugh too?


  2. Flickr: Kim Klassen May 15, 2010

    i truly LOVE this!! every morsel!!

  3. This is so beautiful…I want to be there!


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