Movie Review – Knight and Day – Endless Endless Darkness

I’m sure at some point, when you were a child, your mother told you – if you continue to make that face, your face will freeze that way.

You know what face I’m talking about – that puckered face, that unnatural, eyes-wide open, my face is contorted in pain face – yes that face.

And, you heeded your mother’s advice – you stopped making that face, your face developed normally, and you didn’t need any medical intervention upon face freeze.

Cameron Diaz failed to listen to her mother.

Mrs. Diaz – you failed, your daughter’s face froze – it froze in horror, panic – that look, on her, that says – eek!

For 90% of the movie, Cameron Diaz’s face is frozen in a perpetual state of what I can only assume is supposed to pass for acting.

It wasn’t acting when I was 3 — I made that face to be funny, but it wasn’t funny, it was annoying, and my mother knew it.  And, some things don’t change — it’s still annoying.

The other 10% of the movie, her character is drugged.

Yes, that’s right, drugged.

The writer’s of this movie were so incredibly lazy that when they couldn’t figure out exactly what to do with her in a scene, or how they would develop her character in way the character could cope (uh, maybe you ought to take your finger off the trigger, that’s it. . .), they have Tom Cruise’s character stick a needle in her.

This movie is a complete offense to women.  Period. 

At one point, in her drugged state, Tom Cruise’s character undresses her and puts her in a bikini.  This turns into a big laugh by the end of the movie.

Please, tell me, I know I’m a stick in the mud about these things – but can someone tell me what is so funny about drugging a woman and undressing her?  Har har?  Please.  Frankly, I was horrified that we took my 12 year old stepson to this movie, that presents this woman character as a ditz brain, lunatic, who the male lead can drug at will, and who, when she is supposedly finally “taking charge” – the only bright idea she can come up with to find the guy and win him over, is to set herself up as a damsel in distress who once again needs rescuing.

Woman of the world – unite – do not see this movie.  Do not let your sons see this movie.  Do not let anyone see this movie.

Definitely, the worst movie of the year so far.


  1. Bridget July 1, 2010

    I suspected that this would be the case. But figured it was because I don’t like Tom Cruise or Cameron Diaz. But I’m glad to know it was an awful movie for other reasons too. Nothing like feeling justified …

  2. NancyB July 1, 2010

    I haven’t seen a Tom Cruise or Cameron Diaz movie in forever. I guess the streak will continue unless I’m bored and watch it On Demand some night!

  3. thea July 1, 2010

    Ha! And all of us in Boston had to endure many traffic snafus so they could make it….. I’ll watch it for free sometime on Demand so we can say “hey, there’s that street!”.


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