Officially a Fuddy Duddy



Thank you, thank you, thank you!  It was a double night of happiness on Dancing with the Stars, as both the porn star (uh, I mean model/reality star) and the woeful Wozniak were sent packing.  Thank you to everyone who voted to save my two nights of sacred t.v. knitting time – and I’m sure Fred and Ginger thank you too.




So, now that I can stop dreading the idea of Steve Wozniak dancing the Brat in lederhosen, you’d think I’d be content with the world, the picture of bliss and happiness.  Wrong.  I have a new pet peave.  It’s been eating at me for days. 


Joey’s t-shirts.


Ok, I know all 11 year old boys are obnoxious.  But, really – does it have to be in your face, walking around your house, hanging on a hanger, in the laundry basket?  Here is a smattering of what’s in his closet – “I’m right, you’re wrong, get over it.”  “It’s funny how you think I’m listening to you.” and my favorite “Teamwork – When I tell everyone what to do.”  Did I wear t-shirt’s like this as a child?  Of course, as a child I was always right, but did my parents let me advertise it?  I think not – I think I had a drawer full of t-shirts with Minnie Mouse, Garfield, and one t-shirt that said, “my grandparent’s went on vacation, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”  I guess the idea is that the parents know that the true joke is actually on the obnoxious child — you’re never right, you must listen or pay, and you know very well who tells who what to do.  But, if this is what he’s wearing at 11, what’s he going to be wearing at sixteen?  A t-shirt with a big, thrusting middle finger on it? 


I never thought of myself as an old fuddy duddy, but I guess I am.  I guess I need to lighten up.  When he says he can’t take the garbage out because he doesn’t know how to get the bag out of the can, and he’s wearing the “I’m right” t-shirt, I should just chuckle.  And when he has to be asked a question three times, before he says, “huh, what?” and he’s wearing the “its so funny you think I’m listening t-shirt,” I should let out a big belly laugh. 


Maybe I should just visualize the t-shirts on Lemon.  These same t-shirts on Lemon would be hysterical.  Lemon’s never wrong?  Ha ha ha! You think I’m listening to you, don’t you – where’s my bone?  And, the idea of this little doggie bossing us around – ridiculous. 


Um, or not . . .


Maybe I should just get him a Garfield t-shirt.


  1. Bridget April 1, 2009

    When I heard on the radio this a.m. that Wozniak had been kicked off, I knew you would be pleased. (Not that I blame you, he’s creepy even standing still.)

    Ah yes, kid t-shirts. My favorite was a kid on our street the other day whose shirt showed the front end of a gun, as if it was pointed at you, and the caption said, “You DIDN’T just ask me to repeat that, right?”

    Oh yeah. I laughed for days. Not.

    (However, if it makes you feel any better, I’m an “old” fuddy duddy – at least you dont’ fall into that category!)

  2. Bridget April 1, 2009

    … or, “don’t” as the case may be …


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