Oh-So-Far From Being Finished Object Monday


Look!  My first quilt block, complete!  Only 72 bows, and 8 blocks left to go! 

Like I said in the previous post, the pattern is more of a recipe than an actual pattern.  There are no clues as to color choices, no hints as to how to join the bows together once you’ve got two units joined.  As you can see in the picture, the bows are joined with a slip stitch pattern.  This joining strip is created by picking up 31 stitches on a concave side of a bow, and joining it to 31 stitches picked up on the convex side of the adjacent bow. Clear, yes?  Well, how you join those units to the other units without creating holes and puckering is a learning process.  I think with each successive “square,” I’ll have less intensive blocking to do.  This piece, obviously, is going to undergo some miraculous magic with water and pins.


And, what you can’t see is the 12,000 ends I sewed in.  Uch!  But, thanks to Lisa (thank you thank you thank you) who popped in the shop on Saturday, I now know the secret art of knitting in the ends as you go.  I’ve started on the bows for the second “square, ” and let me tell you, while the knitting is a bit slower because I don’t totally have the hang of a quick, swift motion to tack the tails down in the back of the work,  just the thought of not having any ends to weave in is one big sigh of relief.


And, totally off topic – riddle me this, my friends – Reason No. 352 why I hate Northeast Philly – every Sunday, Joe has to travel to the dark region known as the Northeast (Frankford to be exact) to pick up Joey.   Every Sunday, there is always a group of about four people who have set up shop in the middle of Harbison Avenue.   They bring their lawn chairs, and their merchandise.  What are the selling?  This is Philadelphia – Phillies t-shirts?  No, that’s three blocks down.  Pretzels?  Uh uh, not on Sunday.  Flowers for mom, perhaps?  Nope. 


Vaccuum cleaners.  Every Sunday, in the middle of Haribson Avenue, you can buy a vaccuum cleaner. 


WTF?  Where do these vaccuum cleaners come from?  Most people clean out their garages, and find one vaccuum cleaner, not ten.  Are they used vaccuums?  Did they fall off a truck at Kensington and Allegheny?  How did it come about that this group of neighbors got together and said, “hey, let’s sell vaccums in the middle of  an eight lane highway, great idea?”  And, who stops, in the middle of this busy Avenue, that rivals the Boulevard in traffic, to buy a vaccuum cleaner from Joe Shmo in his lounge chair?


Can anyone explain this to me?


  1. Maura April 6, 2009

    I don’t know who would do it, but you’ve given me a lead on where I might be able to find a “discounted” dyson. 😉

  2. Carol April 6, 2009

    I wouldn’t buy one but it’s part of the charm of Philly.

  3. Bridget April 6, 2009

    Maybe they are to clean up the crumbs left from the pies you buy a few blocks south …

  4. NancyJak April 7, 2009

    Wow! That quilt is fabulous! I can’t wait to see it finished.

    I know so so little about Philadelphia. Only been there once in my 20s for a weekend with friends and I think she lived is such a terrible neighborhood we were probably afraid to leave her apartment! So yeah, vacuum cleaner selling in the middle of the street maybe I’m not so surprised!

  5. thea April 7, 2009

    hilarious. In the Mission in SF, we had the rug guys, the flower guys, the really ugly blanket guys and the tee shirt guys in the empty lot. Sometimes the “I found this crap” guy. I’m guessing that in the new and much more shiny SF that’s become, that lot is no more. 🙁

    Maybe someone’s got a brother who knows a guy who drives a truck… and these “fell off”. I love that stuff, makes a city down to earth.

  6. Lisa April 7, 2009

    I am so tickled to have been able to teach one of my knitting gurus anything!

    Guess those vacuum guys don’t let you take them for a test drive. That would have to be one hell of an extension cord. And, they must be doing some business if they keep coming back.

  7. Ida April 8, 2009

    That is a gorgeous quilt, and I love the colors you’ve chosen. I’m wondering how big the quilt will be… And I’m totally wondering how you knit-in the ends as you go…? This is a beautiful project. I love it.

  8. jen November 3, 2009

    I love the quilt… but the link on Ravelry to the pdf is broken (geocities no longer exists). Any way you can email me the pdf? It’s jennfurr at yahoo.


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