The Lidge

PhilliesRedsRight now, Brad Lidge sucks, plain and simple.  He has single handedly blown 10 games for the Phils, the worst record in baseball.  It’s not a hip problem, or the blister on his ankle, or the hangnail on his thumb, it’s in his head.  It’s gone – period.  Unless he goes and seeks out Mountain Man Steve Carlton in his shack in the woods, and has Lefty put some voodoo spell on him, it’s just gone, for good, forever.


And that scares me.


Because I have the Lidge.


I have not finished a knitted project since March 2, 2009, when I cast off the last stitch of Ishbel.  I have completely lost my knitting mojo.  I used to be a closer.  Last year I finished 6 sweaters, 3 hats, and 2 shawls.  I was a finisher, dammit.  And now?  I’m benched.  I can’t get out of an inning.  I can ‘t close.  I have the Lidge.


So our November 1, 2009 wedding is fast approaching, and I really do want to knit something.  First, knowing that I’m afflicted with the Lidge, I considered taking baby steps.  No cobweb cashmere for me (even though I do have about 2000 yards in my stash).  In my glory days, I could have finished a cobweb shawl in two months – heck, in 2 weeks.  Now, it’s a big risk.  Big risk.  Just like putting Lidge in in the 9th with only a one run lead.  Did Charlie take the risk – no he went smart, he went with Madson.  It’s gotta be worsted I thought – something quick – something I know, even suffering from Lidge, I could finish. 


I went to Rosie’s last night armed with Stephanie Japel’s new pattern, Mirth, a perfectly respectable worsted weight shawl.  I fingered the Sublime, then the Kid Classic in a lovely cream color.  And then, out of the corner of my eye, I spied Knitted Lace of Estonia on our revolving bookcase.  I remembered Miralda’s Triangle, a shawl I had been wanting to knit before the book even came out.  I thought about the cast on – 331 stitches – and I froze, for a brief moment.  And then, a miracle happened – the spirit of Tug McGraw spoke to me – it said, You Gotta Believe – and I did.  I put down the worsted, and picked up the fingering weight Canopy.


Is the Lidge cured? I don’t know – but I did get the 331 stitches cast on – yarncake My little wedding cake of yarn! And while I didn’t plan it – the fact that it’s sitting on a ticking calendar is appropriate.

So, I Gotta Believe.

Or, I gotta buy a wrap . . .


  1. Carol September 11, 2009

    I thought this was going into Mitch Williams territory when I first started reading! I haven’t followed the Phillies for a long time, huh? Congratulations on your wedding! You can absolutely knit a gorgeous shawl before then. You’ve done some beautiful work that made me try lace. Your abilities aren’t gone; you’ve just been busy/happy/otherwise occupied. I’ll be rooting for you!

  2. Bridget September 12, 2009

    You can do it!


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