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During my daily read of the Huffington Post, I came across this article about the new Daniel Craig/Hugh Jackman play “A Steady Rain,” which opened last night on Broadway. Not really a review, more of a plug, the article makes this intriguing observation –


“Jackman performs with an Italian-American accent; Craig’s character has an Irish-American accent.”


Hmm – what exactly is an Italian-American accent?  Is that a Soprano’s accent?  A South Philly accent?   Maybe I need a hearing aid, but none of my Italian American friends sound like Tony Soprano, nor do they all sound like they just walked off the corner at 10th and Passyunk.  My Italian American friends who I grew up with in Warminster sound like they’re from Warminster – and say “wudder” just like the rest of us.  And my Italian American friends from Penn State say “soda pop” like any good midWesterner.  And an Irish-American accent – Boston, maybe?  Or does he mean that Craig throws in a few references to thanking his lucky stars, and leprachauns?


Or maybe he means when an Australian tries to imitate an American accent he really sounds like he’s from Sicily?

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  1. Bridget September 12, 2009

    Hm. Maybe Daniel Craig says something like, “Faith and begorrah, look at the wee leprechaun!”

    Because of course, that’s a pretty typical Irish American expression. I know I say it all the time …



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