Cinnamon toast with Tea?

While Brad Lidge did pitch on Saturday, and while the Phils did win, I’d hardly say Lidge is back, giving up 2 runs, so in my book of scorekeeping, I’m not giving him the “save,” I’m giving him the “he didn’t blow it.”  And, like Brad, I didn’t blow it this weekend either – as I made it through the cast on, the edging chart, and the bottom border of the next chart – ta da!



I’m not quite in the “save” column, and we’ll see if I get the “win” in the end (well, regardless of  whether I finish the shawl I get the win – I get to marry Joe!), but the knitting was painless, and I’ll go so far as to say easy, and the Canopy is soft and squishy to work with.


And, like Lidge, up there alone on the mound, lace knitting is a solitary endeavor – I must go it alone!  But, there is something you can help me with.


Something I’ve been struggling with in my mind for days.


Something that could have long reaching ramifications.


The question is upon us –


To hose or not to hose? that is the question.


This is a question that has plagued the modern woman for at least a decade, as we’ve thrown out our traditional knee-length business suit, and opted for the pantsuit, the pencil skirt suit, and thrown away the nylons, the hose.  Not quite the same freeing effect as disposal of the crinolin, the hoop skirt, the corset, or the girdle – but empowering and much more comfortable nonetheless.  Cinnamon toast legs no more!


Pantyhose were invented in 1959 to replace stockings.  No longer did you have two separate toasty legs, held up by a garter belt, but you now had a yeast infection inducing all-in-one – yeah!  And who do we have to thank for the control top – as Patrick Swayze would say (sigh – RIP Patrick), “thank you Julie Newmar,” – yes, Catwoman is apparently responsible for shoving us into a sausage casing.  Not that there is such a thing as a comfortable pantyhose – the underwear portion either gives you a wedgy, or it’s down at your knees, the toe bunches up and gets stuck in your shoe – and after it inevitable runs, its never fun to pull them off once you’ve glued them back together with clear nailpolish.


Obviously, I couldn’t be clearer about my feelings about pantyhose.  However, at our wedding, I don’t have the luxury of a pant suit, nor a full length gown that will hide my legs.  I’m wearing a tea length dress (can’t show you!!), with an ivory, closed to shoe – giving myself the option of to hose or not to hose. 


A November wedding – my tan will have faded. Potentially very cold (also, potentially sweat inducingly very warm).  Not the greatest shaver (but, do shaving errors look worse under a hose?).  But can I really get married with a naked leg, without hose?  This just doesn’t seem right either.


So, what do you think, to hose or not to hose?



  1. Liz K September 16, 2009

    Wendy, get a spray tan, or a nice self-tanning moisturizer. Skip the hose.

  2. Carol September 17, 2009

    Tough question. I’m not a fan either but normally wear dark tights with skirts. Not an option with an ivory dress unless you want to look roller derby style. I’d probably skip the hose. It will be incredibly warm for most of the day (except when they inevitably want to take photos outside in the freezing cold and you must look overjoyed at the same time). Absolutely use fake tan.

  3. Gail September 22, 2009

    Get your legs waxed (no nicks), spray a tan, and as long as your shoes don’t hurt your bare feet- you are good to go. Have a wonderful, enjoyable wedding!

  4. Dorothy September 24, 2009

    I hate hose. That said, a long day and night on your feet can make for some nasty blisters. I voted for hose, but when I got married, I wore silk stockings. No crotch at stupid levels or up the arse and what man doesn’t love a nice garter belt?


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