Order Pizza Instead

I don’t know how sound it was for the cattle industry to sue Oprah – it was so long ago, I don’t remember what their “beef” was (groan! I know), nor what she had done to insult our cow population.


But, I do know that the turkeys have a new enemy — Sarah Palin move over – Oprah is the new turkey slayer, and to add insult to injury, she’s promoting the worst, the most “fowl” (groan! again!) recipe ever!


Donald Trump – you’re fired.  Your Mar -a-Lago Turkey Burger is simply disgusting.


Just look at it!

turkeyburger Those big chunks? Not onion – apples. This mixture of chutney, apples, tabasco and pepper raised my eyebrow, but I thought  well, if Oprah knows anything, Oprah knows food – and I mixed up a batch over the weekend.



Oprah – first, you unleashed Dr. Phil on the world with your cow poke lawsuit, and now  Major Grey’s chutney and ground turkey meat are being misused all over the country, to form patties not worthy of my puppy — and, hard enough, but too ugly to be a door stop.  Even cheese couldn’t save this inedible disaster.


And now, you’ve sent Dr. Phil to Philly to mess with our cheesesteak.  Damn you Oprah – just go back to your own fridge!


  1. thea September 17, 2009

    Eeeeew. Those are nasty sounding and looking. My kids were amused.

    I never did know about the Oprah beef Dr Phil thing, sounds pretty hilarious too. Although I didn’t tell them about that piece, too much to explain! (The meatballs were self explanatory…)

  2. Bridget September 19, 2009

    And now she’s unleashed Dr. Oz on us, too!

  3. Lisette October 10, 2009

    Yes, those burgers looked untouchable, and I thought The Donald looked a little more like he wanted to spit his mouthful back on the plate, but I did mix up that key lime pie. I used real key limes and half the ‘crust’ recipe but it was easy and a great finnish to a hot summer day. It’s a keeper.


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