Lemon says “Hell No!”




Happy Birthday Lemon!  You were a year old last week, and now, big girl, it’s time to go up the stairs!  That’s right – up those curvy, narrow, slick hardwood stairs.  Go on!  Look, treats on every stair!   You can do it!





Nope.  Not doing it.  Not for any doggone treat.  Nope, not me.  See that treat there – that’s for a crazy dog – that’s who that treat is for – I’m not crazy – not going up those stairs – not no how.  I’ll stand here all day.  Watch me. 


Sigh – and we did – she’s just not going, our girl.  Luckily, she’s only 20 lbs – it’s not too much of a workout to carry her up and down our stupid trinity stairs.


Anyway, I thought it was time to get those disgusting burgers off the front “page” post, and have a little Lemontime.   And, for some more fun – I added a new widget to the sidebar – Doodl!  So, doodl away! I’m always happy to help you in any form of procrastination that I can!

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  1. Bridget September 20, 2009

    Maybe Lemon is thinking that she would never be able to get back down the steps!

    Happy [belated] Birthday, puppy!


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